Meet The Team

Fiona Flores (Editor)

Meet the Editor- Fiona Flores

Fiona has worked in the human resources field for over a decade and has written extensively about the topic. She is an expert on HR writing and has helped many professionals improve their writing skills.

She is currently employed as the editor-in-chief at When Work Works (WWW). In this role, she oversees the company's HR writing program and trains new writers.

She reads a lot to learn, and shares her knowledge among the writers. She knows how to present things in an attractive and understandable way.

Editor's Credentials

With over 15 years of experience in HR, the editor Fiona Flores has worked in various roles, including recruiter, training manager, and HR consultant. Beside her experience in the field, she also has a degree in human resources management. This makes her judge the quality of HR articles and offer advice on improving them.

Her Goals

To provide information and tips to help people develop their HR and leadership skills. She hopes that readers will find the articles helpful and informative and that they will be able to use the information to improve their work lives.

Meet Fiona Flores

John Thompson (Fact Checker)

Meet John Thompson, Who Cross-Checks Everything Before It Goes Out

This is John Thompson. He is the fact checker. He is the person who carefully checks every fact before it goes out on this website. We believe that accuracy is key, especially regarding news and information.

Fact-checking is essential in today's society. It's more important than ever to ensure that the information we share is accurate and trustworthy. That's why he has taken his job seriously and cross-checks every fact before it goes out.

John’s Credentials

John Thompson started his career as a freelance writer. Along with the journey, he invested in himself by accomplishing various courses, conducting training sessions, and meeting with top professionals. Recently, he has joined the When Work Works team as a fact checker. He does edit too.

John is the man who works behind the seen. He checks every fact before it goes out, and he deeply loves it. To him, nothing can be more joyous than to spread things which are true and valuable. He longs to continue this journey.

Meet John Thompson

Amelia Polo(Writer)

Meet Amelia Polo: The Marco Polo of Our Team

Whenever we need to ask about a place or event connected to our content, we feel safer asking Amelia Polo, an explorer, and freelance writer, than asking Google! She is the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. She is an amazing storyteller.

Over the past years, she has been to many places and witnessed many events, which include celebrations of numerous occasions and days. She takes notes and photos of events she experiences. Famous explorer Marco Polo influenced her life so much that she changed her name from Amelia Green to Amelia Polo. And it was a just decision, we believe!

Amelia’s Credentials

After graduating in journalism, Amelia started her journalism career and worked for three years. Then she joined a travel agency only to fulfill her dream of exploring, leading her to find her second calling- understanding humans.

Amelia has met hundreds of people from different religions, casts, and ethnicities exploring and experiencing so many things. When we were looking for someone like her, she came in with her charm. And not for a once, she disappointed us.

Now Amelia is one of the freelance writers of our team. She knows how to blend information with stories. Her pen covers holidays, organizational behavior, and sometimes corporate survival skills.

Meet Amelia Polo

Josh Evan (Writer)

Meet the Writers- Josh Evan

Josh Evan is the professional career counselor and career development writer at When Work Works. He loves to see people from this field succeed through initiating the right thing in the right way. He never tells; he shows the way.

We appointed John not because of his impressive CV. It was his counseling charisma which stood out of everything. He can implant idea, confidence and productive thoughts into mind almost effortlessly. His pen and mouth both speak for the greater good.

Josh’s Credentials

Josh is blessed with his tremendous knowledge and thirst for exploring more about developing one’s career, and this very notion made him standout. He has witnessed people struggling to stand on their feet in the ever-increasing job market and corporate world. He has seen people wanting to know how to improve interview skills and develop corporate and life skills.

He harnesses his experience, skill, and creativity at When Work Works to help people build their careers. Besides, he creates value adding contents for those thriving on hard work. He says, “Great writing is about honesty, authenticity, and empathy. If you can connect with your readers and make them feel like you understand their struggles, they will be more likely to trust and connect with your content.’’ This is Josh Evan.

Meet Josh Evan

Sam Turner (Mr. Tester)

Meet Sam Turner

With over seven years of experience in the HR field, Sam is a go-to source of information for professionals. Sam helps people with data regarding the latest software and following trends and developments in HR. He is fond of testing HR and productivity software out there. His expertise exposes his knowledge in productivity, educating others and so forth.

He simply makes corporate life easier by sharing his first-hand experience on using different tools and software of this arena. Anything uncanny becomes lucid by his explanation. We strongly rely on the way he works. You will hardly hesitate while choosing the right productivity tool for your company. Sam knows his onion for sure!

Sam’s Credentials

Sam’s expertise primarily lies in HR strategy, HR software review, and extensive HR training. He has worked with various businesses, from small startups to multinational corporations. He also set up his own software archive where he puts every bit of information from the software he tests.

Sam’s Goals

To research and to educate are his visions. Sam is passionate about helping professionals to be experts in HR. He spends hours checking, testing, comparing, and collecting data. Based on all these, he writes and trains. His contribution will help you decide which HR software would suit your business most. Sam matters!

Meet Sam Turner