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Zenefits Review

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27 February 2023
Zenefits Reviews

Are you a business owner considering buying or investing in Zenefits for your business? Are you unsure and indecisive? Read our review of Zenefits here to help you make the best decision for your business.Let's begin!

What is Zenefits?

The smartphone app of Zenefits is compatible with all mobile OSs and is specifically intended to be used by employees. But it's extremely sturdy. Employees can get detailed invoices on their mobile devices, in addition to information regarding their insurance.

Employees who are paid hourly have the ability to punch in and out, monitor their paid time off status, and request vacations. Additionally, they also have easy access to the personnel directories in order to get in touch with their teammates.

Administrators are able to monitor and oversee paid time off and view the new recruits' progress through the hiring and recruitment processes.

Pricing Details

Zenefits pricing is calculated in 3 parts:

Part 1: Primary Plan

Zenefits offers 2 kinds of primary plans:

  • Monthly: Starting from 10$ up to 27$ monthly for each employee.
  • Annually: Starting from 96$ up to 252$ annually for each employee (this can be paid monthly too)

Part 2: Plugins and Add-ons

Zenefits offers a wide range of plugins and add-ons and users are charged for each employee separately. Prices start from 5$ up to 323$.

Part 3: No. Of Employees

Lastly, you select the number of employees you want to purchase the plans and plugins for. However, you need to subscribe for at least 5 employees.

For more details, visit this link.

Drawbacks of Zenefits

  • The process of filing taxes is filled with mistakes and complications. 
  • New users often find it difficult to navigate the platform.
  • The app for mobile devices lacks some of the features the desktop version has, and this includes administrative functions.
  • Businesses need to purchase the plan for 5 employees even if they don't have 5 employees.
  • A significant number of users have reported that the process of contacting customer support was very slow and they weren't offered help in a timely manner.
  • Users have also complained about the feedback system regarding their interactions with the agents dedicated to customer service. They have also mentioned that the responses and replies were very slow and borderline unprofessional.
  • Users have also reviewed that the integrating options are not up to the mark.
  • Users have also complained about the UI being sluggish and prone to malfunctions and glitches.

Employee Management Features

Zenefits Review

Zenefits’ employee management features include the following:

1. Attendance and Time Tracking

Through the use of automated time tracking, Zenefits removes all possibility of error and guesswork from the process of filling out timesheets. Employees can log into their accounts and manually enter the total number of hours they worked for the week using the time tracking module. 

Instant access to a virtual time clock that automatically logs each time someone clocks in or out of the building will be available to them. Employees with access to the app's self-service portal can also submit time-off requests. All of these duties can be handled by those who download and use the mobile app without having to leave their device.

2. Benefits Administration

Employee benefits administration is one of the places Zenefits excels, as it allows employees to create and choose their own plans using a self-service interface. They can adjust aspects of their benefits administration, which also includes FSA and HSA management, medical reimbursements, etc.

3. Performance Monitoring

Zenefits' performance management feature is one of its best features. This feature allows Human Resources departments to be always aware of any and all issues and areas that require their attention. Business owners are able to set long-term plans and set goals. And to achieve those goals, they monitor every employee's performance on a routine schedule. 

Business owners and their workforce will require less time to plan, strategize, and stay on track thanks to all the automation Zenefits offers. Business owners also have the option to monitor not only individual performance but also that of the entire team collectively.

4. Time Tracking 

Zenefits eliminates all room for error and guessing from the timesheet fill-up process by utilizing automated time tracking. It enables employees to manually enter the total number of hours they worked for the week. They will be able to utilize the built-in virtual time clock to perform clock-in and clock-out functions. This clock also logs every instance in great detail.

Time-off requests can also be made through Zenefit's self-service portal. Those who download and use the mobile app can perform all of these tasks without ever having to leave their device.

Human Resources Features

Zenefits Review

It is crucial for Human resources to have updated information on workers in order for them to confirm that they are able to call their emergency contact, adhere to contractual responsibilities, finish and file the relevant documentation for federal regulators.

Users are able to save and maintain a substantial quantity of data with the help of Zenefits. This information includes identification and personal details, contact info, SSN, tax return info, credentials and eligibility, etc.

HR teams have access to all of Zenefits' extensive tools for performance management. These tools allow them to review performances that are not limited to p2p feedback and self-assessments. Besides this, it also allows them to conduct wellness and other methods of surveys with their intuitive tools.

In our research on Zenefits, we have noticed that the goal-setting function they provide stands out and is better than any of the competitors. Specifically, this tool allowed us to monitor our progress toward achieving specific objectives. Although the majority of Zenefits' competitors do, in fact, offer some kind of goal tracking, the vast majority of these systems are not even close to being as comprehensive as Zenefits'. 

Administrators have the ability to set goals for various levels, starting from the company collectively to individual departments and even for each separate employee. This creates a sense of teamwork and cooperation as, in the end, all the employees' individual goals collectively make up the company's long-term goals. Additionally, it enables groups to work together in order to accomplish what they have set out to do.

Zenefits also offers an increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), along with tools for any business to manage all aspects of its compensation procedures. These features also include generating detailed reports of all instances of expenditure and keeping track of everything. 

It enables companies to categorize all the information using various filters. This helps them make compensation fairly and properly for each and every employee separately. This also helps companies perform and maintain error-free records and helps reduce unnecessary expenses and increase profits.

Zenefits also has in-build market comparison tools. This allows Zenefits users to offer a competitive salary to employees. Because paying employees less than the going rate might result in more employee turnover, this serves as a helpful tool for businesses that are attempting to maintain their competitive edge.

1. Employee Records

Zenefits is operated by one collective database, and creating accounts is very convenient for Zenefits administrators. One only needs to submit basic info like their place of employment and a few related details to register as an admin.

Administrators can then enter all crucial and noteworthy data, for instance, recruitment dates, amount of agreed-upon compensation, contact details, banking details, etc.

The information can be recorded and entered in such a detailed and organized manner that they can easily access it and search for any bit of information they may need using queries and filters. They can easily access it and search for any bit of information they may need using queries and filters. 

Administrators can also perform recruitment conditions, review dates, resignation dates (in the case of past employees), and almost every other instance relevant to present and past employees requiring documentation. Features like individual employee performance and tracking instances are also included in its records.  

2. PTO and Leave Management

Zenefits offers a very customizable Paid-Time-Off monitoring option for their users. They understand that every business should allow their employees the choice of a few different options. These options include paid and unpaid leaves per company guidelines and policies.

Zenefits allows business owners to implement several rules regarding their employees' leave policies and allows employees to avail of these privileges based on their seniority and positions quickly and easily.

3. Onboarding

Zenefits improves a company's onboarding process by integrating it seamlessly into the company's existing HR system. This includes aspects like employee benefits, salary and payroll management, orientation, etc. During the recruiting process, businesses may even grant new workers access to the technology your organization currently employs to better assess them and give them a taste of what it is like to work for the company.

Reporting and Analytic Features

Business owners have improved insights thanks to the comprehensive reporting function offered by Zenefits. The check-ins of employees, task division, salary reviews, etc., are all included in its overall reports. Users are also able to create detailed and extensive reports for anything, starting from leisure time, payment audits, tax options, etc., to even expenses and adjustments.

In addition, Zenefits provides robust business analytics. It gives users the ability to produce detailed workplace analytics and statistics. These analytics and reports provide insight into all aspects of the organization. 

Payroll Management and Taxes

Zenefits Review

Human Resources departments can take advantage of the comprehensive solution Zenefits offers. It is so well designed that its features are complementary. For instance, let's take a look at Zenefit's payroll management.

It works and makes calculations based on the data it collects from tracking employees' time and performance. Using smart and advanced algorithms ensures error-free and reliable calculations.

Zenefits provides a comprehensive solution for payroll processing. It can handle all aspects of the payroll process, including managing and calculating individual  payment structures, scheduling payments, etc.

Depending on the employer's preference, employees can be given paychecks, direct deposits, or any method of compensation they desire within the set options. In addition to this, it also helps manage bonuses, child support, garnishments, etc., seamlessly.

Business owners can use the payroll functions even remotely. Zenefits will instantaneously update the changes and adjustments made remotely. This includes deductions, raises, changes in salary amounts, etc.

To Conclude

Zenefits is undoubtedly one of the best software options for businesses. They offer a lot of functionality and features that can benefit any business using them. But like everything else in this world, Zenefits too has a few drawbacks.

So I suggest you try the free version out and make a decision for yourself. There is truly no "best software for x". The best software is the one that satisfies your needs best!

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