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spring equinox
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What is Spring Equinox Day? 

Spring Equinox day is known by many names, including Vernal Equinox and March Equinox Day. It is directly related to the movement of the Earth and Sun and takes place when the Sun starts going north and passes the Celestial Equator. The alignment of the Sun and Earth happens so that the Sun positions itself perpendicular to the Earth's Equator.

It causes something very unique; due to this alignment between Sun and Earth, the day on that day becomes very balanced. It means that on that day, people all over Earth will experience an equal amount of day and night roughly.

It is where the event got its name. Equinox is derived from the Latin word "Aequus" and "Nox," which translates to "equal" and "light," respectively.

History Of Spring Equinox Day

In Japan, the vernal equinox is marked by celebrating a festival known as Shunbun no Hi. Haru no Higan is the name of the component of the celebration that takes place over seven days. It is one of the two times that occur throughout the year, the other being in the autumn, when the daytime and nighttime hours are of equal duration, and it is a formal marker of the transition from one season to the next.

The Mayans believed that the vernal equinox was a natural event, just like any other seasonal change. There is a possibility that the significance of today might be seen in the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza, which is found in Mexico. At the time of the spring equinox, the Sun creates a pattern of shadows and light on the pyramid's steps, giving the impression of a snake making its way down the stairs.

This effect may be seen only during the spring equinox. Because its serpentine body is linked to a stone head that is situated at the foot of the temple, it is without reasonable doubt that the Mayans conceived of and constructed this pyramid with the vernal equinox in mind. This assertion is beyond dispute.

Even though the specific date of the holiday moves around slightly from one year to the next because it is based on astrological events, it will undoubtedly take place sometime between March 19 and 22, at the very latest. When it was first celebrated in ancient times, the event was known by its original name, "Middle of the Equinoctial Week," which translates to "Higan no Nakaba." This name has since been changed. 

How to Celebrate Spring Equinox day?

Spring flowers

The Vernal equinox indicates the beginning of the new year according to Iranian calendars; This means that it is the first day of the upcoming year. This day, referred to as Nowruz, is celebrated by those participating in the festivities. People join with their families to celebrate Nowruz by eating a special meal, exchanging gifts, and expressing well-wishes for each other for the following year.

The Buddhist community in Japan observes the festival of Higan, which is tied to the vernal equinox. During the week leading up to the spring equinox, people pay visits to the graves of their ancestors, do acts of goodwill toward others, and engage in introspection.

The fact that there is an equal amount of night and day serves as a subtle but powerful reminder to people that they should concentrate on the six perfections. It helps to bring to their attention that the world contains both good and evil.

At first, those who wanted to honor the occasion would visit the burial sites of their loved ones and pay their respects to the individuals who had lived before them.

The people of Japan would take advantage of this opportunity to spruce up their homes by getting rid of clutter and making other significant changes to their lives, such as enrolling in a new educational program, switching careers, or beginning a new hobby. As a result of the fact that today is a national holiday, the majority of people in Japan will be given a day off from work to celebrate the event with their families.

In celebration of the arrival of spring and the rebirth of nature after the dormancy of winter, this day is set aside as a holiday to rejoice in the return of warmer weather. A sizeable number of people will travel back to the regions from which they originated to spend the day with their families. Some people still make an effort to visit the burial sites of their deceased loved ones. 

At these sites, they may sometimes leave food offerings or flowers that have been freshly cut, and they also may clean up the area around the headstone by removing any trash that may have accumulated there.

Because it is a day on which farmers and agriculturalists can pray for good luck and fortune regarding the crops they cultivate during the upcoming growing season, the event holds a particularly significant significance for those involved in agriculture.

People worldwide will attempt to juggle an egg such that it is perched precariously on the egg's narrow end's pointed end. Even though this is thought to be only possible on the vernal equinox, it is still theoretically possible on other days, such as the autumnal equinox, which marks the beginning of the autumn season.

Countries That Observe Spring Equinox Day

Countries celebrating Spring Equinox are Japan, Iran, Italy, and Russia.

Interesting Facts About Spring Equinox Day

  • There is a theory that can be found in ancient Judaic mythology that at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, the water that can be found in rivers and springs should not be consumed because they are thought to be poisoned.
  • Ancient Romans used to observe the Vernal Equinox as a day to celebrate their goddess of nature and fertility, Cybele.
  • Another group of cults of Ancient Romans used to celebrate this day by performing rituals to please the god of wine, Dionysus. 
  • Much like Jesus's birth, according to Christianity, it is believed by many that Chien-Ti, a virgin woman, became pregnant on the Spring Equinox of 1600 BC.


Now that you understand this natural phenomenon known as Spring Equinox, I hope I have made you look forward to next year's Spring Equinox. And remember, please be careful if you try to balance eggs, as they are pretty fragile and will make a huge mess!

Spring Equinox Observances

2021Saturday20 MarchSpring Equinox
2022Sunday20 MarchSpring Equinox
2023Monday21 MarchSpring Equinox
2024Wednesday20 MarchSpring Equinox
2025Thursday20 MarchSpring Equinox
2026Friday20 MarchSpring Equinox

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