Pledge of Allegiance Day - December 28, 2023

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What is Pledge of Allegiance Day?

On December 28, Americans commemorate Pledge of Allegiance Day, when Congress officially adopted the pledge. Every word from the pledge encapsulates one's loyalty to this country; it is recited by everyone who strives for freedom and fraternity, which were built on the sacrifices of men, women, and children over decades.

Every year, people observe this day by making the Allegiance Day oath to their nation. They promise allegiance to the USA, its national flag, and its official language.  

On that day in 1945, Francis Bellamy received formal recognition for creating this patriotic expression. 

Pledge of Allegiance Day All Quick Overview:

  • Time / Date: December 28, annually
  • Category: Federal
  • Where It’s Marked: The United States of America
  • Why It’s Marked:The day is marked to remember the history of the Pledge to Allegiance.

History Of Pledge of Allegiance Day

Because the pledge's history is lengthy and riddled with controversy in recent years, no single American's experience with it is universal! Let's learn about its chronological history.

As a declaration of their allegiance to their nation, Americans face the American flag and recite 31 words that embrace the freedom and values it stands for. In 1892, the Pledge of Allegiance was created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America.

Columbus Day celebrations in public schools were coordinated by a national council of educators and civic leaders around the flag. The commitment was included in the script for the rituals, which would end with the flag hoisting. Thus, during Columbus Day celebrations in October 1892, this is how schoolchildren across the nation repeated the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time:

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation, invisible with Liberty and Justice for all.”

There is still debate over who wrote the pledge, whether it was Francis Bellamy, who worked on the young readers' magazine where it was published, or James Upham, who worked for the magazine's publisher. The pledge was printed anonymously in the magazine and was not protected by copyright.

Some argue that Bellamy penned the pledge of loyalty because he saw its wider proclamation of patriotism as vitally needed even 27 years after the Civil War. "Liberty and Justice for all" ideals are expressed in the Declaration of Independence in a nutshell. "One Nation, indivisible" represents the result of the Civil War.

In 1942, Congress instituted placing the right-hand flat over the heart as a symbol of dedication. According to Section 7 of the Federal Flag Code, any headwear worn by males outside of military attire should be removed with the right hand and held over the heart with the left.

The Pledge of Allegiance that Americans read now is,

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, invisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Celebrate Pledge of Allegiance Day
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How to Celebrate Pledge of Allegiance Day

According to George H.W. Bush's declaration, the Pledge of Allegiance Day would be perfect for each American citizen to salute the United States Flag. Besides that, they can take part in several patriotic activities. These might include,

  1. Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance aloud
  2. Participate in other activities, such as teaching children about what it means to pledge allegiance to this great nation
  3. Discussing the history of America and its greatness with friends and family

There are so many ways that one can show gratitude and appreciation for everything we have been given, but taking time out each year to commemorate this event is important too! So if you're feeling patriotic today - then, by all means, go ahead!

Countries that Observe Pledge of Allegiance Day

Pledge of Allegiance Day is celebrated annually in the United States of America. 

Interesting Facts about Pledge of Allegiance Day

  • In 1923, the phrase "my flag" was changed to "the flag of the United States," as some foreign-born individuals might think of their own country's flag instead of the American flag. 
  • Congress disapproved of the Bellamy salute since it resembled the Nazi salute.
  •  The Hand-over-Heart gesture was chosen as the official salute.
  • People dressed in uniform for the military are expected to stand with their backs to the flag and give a salute.
  • Before its inclusion in the United States Flag Code on June 22, 1942, no version of the pledge had been formally acknowledged by Congress.
  • The Pledge of Allegiance's official name was chosen in 1945.

Unique Pledge of Allegiance Day Celebration Ideas

Young people could benefit from this opportunity to learn how vital patriotism can be to those who live here - or even take part in any number of other activities such as 

  • Folding a flag just right.
  • Raising it on a pole while they recite the pledge themselves.
  • Reading about the history of  Francis Bellamy, the man who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance!
  • Rekindle the flames of patriotism by sharing images and videos of your celebration. 

If done correctly, all the celebration ideas will only make them stronger patriots than before! So, on this Pledge of Allegiance Day, shine in your very own patriotic flames! 

Pledge of Allegiance Day Quotes

"I pledge my allegiance to the flag and my heart to the soldiers who defend it."

"The Pledge of Allegiance reflects the truth that faith in God has played a significant role in America since our country's founding." - Randy Neugebauer


1. What does pledging allegiance mean?

By pledging allegiance, one swears allegiance to the nation.

2. Who started Plegde of Alligience Day?

Francis Bellamy penned the commitment in 1892, and in 1942, Congress finally decided to make it official and create the day.

3. When did Pledge of Allegiance Day first start?

On December 28, 1942

4. Are Flag Day and Pledge of Allegiance Day celebrated on the same day?

No! Flag Day is celebrated on June 14.

Pledge of Allegiance Day Observances

2021Tuesday28 DecemberPledge of Allegiance Day
2022Wednesday28 DecemberPledge of Allegiance Day
2023Thursday28 DecemberPledge of Allegiance Day
2024Saturday28 DecemberPledge of Allegiance Day
2025Sunday28 DecemberPledge of Allegiance Day
2026Monday28 DecemberPledge of Allegiance Day

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