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Opposite Day
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is Opposite Day?

Opposite Day is simply a fun and playful day where people act in opposites. Let me explain; for instance, you can have pancakes and bacon for dinner and a steak and wine for breakfast.

People say and perform things in the opposite on this day. This does not mean they are lying, deceiving, or sarcastic; instead, it is considered playful and fun.

The Opposite Day is not for everyone. It is for those people who have a good sense of humor and are willing to make an effort to act the opposite.

However, one thing is for sure you need to inform people that you are celebrating Opposite Day, or people will have the wrong impression of you and may even think that you are crazy!

This is the day to let out your inner prankster and perform for your friends and family to enjoy and participate with you. It is a day where you celebrate the wonderful gift of humor and spread laughter and happiness among friends and family.

Countries That Observe Opposite Day

Countries all over the world observe Opposite Day.

History of Opposite Day

The actual inventor of this chaotic day is still unknown. However, some believe that President Calvin Coolidge came up with this day.

In 1920, Coolidge made the statement, "I do not choose to run," referring to the election in 1928. This statement later created confusion amongst the people, leaving them scratching their heads.

Interestingly, in 1959, President Eisenhower declared that August 17 of that year was the Opposite Day and a holiday according to his granddaughter's request. It was only observed on August 17 of that year and never repeated.

The most commonly accepted theory is that this day originated from playground games children play and came into existence in the early 2000s.

Why Celebrate Opposite Day?

The celebration of Opposite Day revolves around one thing only, humor. It is firmly believed that humor serves the function of an immune system but for the mind and mental health. Humor isn't just a coping mechanism and a barrier to depression; it is much more. 

You see, humor has the ability to improve all aspects of a person's life, including his health. Yes, you heard that right; humor can improve a person's health by directly benefiting and improving their blood pressure, heart, and cardiovascular activities. 

According to several studies, humor and laughter may positively influence your physical health as well as extend your longevity. It has been shown to be effective in reducing the levels of the stress hormones cortisol in the body. Laughter has been shown to stimulate the release of certain neurotransmitter molecules in the brain, such as endorphins, which are important in regulating pain.

Therefore, be ready for a day with low cortisol levels and little stress!

The insanity of this day was commemorated by a great number of cartoons and television series in the form of episodes that were centered on days that were the exact opposite. Beginning with SpongeBob SquarePants and continuing with The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

In the following episodes, Billy and Mandy commemorated the occasion by maintaining their balance throughout the day, which would not have been possible under normal circumstances. Meanwhile, Spongebob Squarepants accepted the insanity of the day by attempting to stop the selling of his house, which he was the one who had initiated.

The primary objective of all this is just to have fun by communicating in a manner that is totally opposite to what you really want. It is a day on which you are encouraged to unleash your inner practical joker and perform amusing jokes on other people; in a way, it is similar to having two April Fool's Days in the same year!

This day also allows you to express things you've always wanted to say but seldom do in everyday life. This is the day you may go to your supervisor and tell them how much you appreciate the work they've given you, wear your clothing inside out, and have breakfast for supper.

Why are Humor and Laughter Important?

Apart from improving health, it also benefits other aspects of a person's life. For example, it improves the critical thinking, analytical ability, and, yes, decision-making abilities of a person. Furthermore, studies have shown that humor is one of the best productivity tools. In the workplace, it improves productivity, increases morale, and, at the same time, acts as a team-building activity.

Some of the most common and noteworthy benefits of laughter and humor are:

  • Laughter reduces the levels of stress hormones.
  • It aids in muscle relaxation.
  • It reduces pain.
  • It helps overcome anxiety.
  • It releases tension.
  • It makes you more resilient.
  • It helps you to strengthen your relationships.
  • It helps resolve conflict.
  • It triggers the release of endorphins.
  • It helps to burn extra calories.

So you can easily comprehend the necessity of laughter and humor in our lives. This is why you should celebrate Opposite Day. To laugh and to spread laughter. You see, as we grow older, we tend to lose sight of what's important; many of us even forget to laugh. Celebrating days like opposite days helps us relive the past, have a much-needed laugh, and let our inner pranksters out.

How to Celebrate Opposite Day?

There is no particular way of celebrating Opposite Day, but here are some ideas:

1. Playing Pranks

For instance, you can call in sick at work or school and later show up for work or class.

2. Speak in Opposites

Say precisely the opposite of what you mean; for instance, say you are choosing between two flavors of ice cream, and you tell the shopkeeper to give you a vanilla one and a chocolate one for your friend. But instead of giving your friend the chocolate ice cream, you give him the vanilla one and pretend that you didn't even notice you are eating it and keep eating it while maintaining a straight face!

You can call in an Uber, and then, instead of being in the passenger seat, you become the driver!

3. Walk in Reverse

While this is dangerous to do, it is nonetheless funny as hell.

4. Switch Things Up

Have breakfast for dinner and vice versa. Instead of throwing away a banana peel, bite down on the banana peel and throw away the banana itself. Fair warning, eating banana peels won't kill you, but it won't taste good either.


We all need to laugh and have a laugh now and then. Laughing at yourself and making others laugh is one of the best things a person can do. We get so tangled up and deeply involved in our daily battles that we don't take the time to have a few laughs. 

So yes, look forward to celebrating Opposite Day next year, and don't forget to inform people it's Opposite Day, or they may even take you to the nearest asylum for psychopaths.

Opposite Day Observances

2021Monday25 JanuaryOpposite Day
2022Tuesday25 JanuaryOpposite Day
2023Wednesday25 JanuaryOpposite Day
2024Thursday25 JanuaryOpposite Day
2025Saturday25 JanuaryOpposite Day
2026Sunday25 JanuaryOpposite Day

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