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What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is an annual festival that is also the biggest Volksfest in the world and lasts for two weeks and ends on the first Sunday of October.

A Volksfestival is a festival held in Germany and its neighboring countries that combines a traveling fair and a beer and wine festival. Oktoberfest is held every year in Munich, Germany, and includes a wide range of festivities, including beer-drinking tents, traditional German food, Amusement rides, and all your typical fairground attractions, including games, music, and dancing. 

Countries that Observe Oktoberfest

Germany and surrounding countries mainly celebrate Oktoberfest. But other countries across the entire world also celebrate this event.

History Of Oktoberfest

Crown Prince Ludwig, Or King Ludwig I, married Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. A festival was held in the fields before the city gates to celebrate this historical moment. It lasted for five days and ended with a horse race. It was the origin of Oktoberfest. It was known as Theresienwiese, which translates as "Theresa's Meadow"  or "Therese's Green." This name has been given to these fields as a homage to Princess Theresa; nevertheless, you may hear the term shortened to "Wiesn" by the locals. O

After that, the anniversary celebrations continued every year, becoming more extensive and impressive. An agricultural show was added to the fair in its second year. A carousel and two swings were available for the guests' enjoyment in 1818. There were few such amusements during the festival's early decades.

Everyone so well received the horse races on those fields that it was decided to make the race a permanent part of the festival. In 1819, they converted the event into an annual celebration, meaning that horse racing, not beer, was the original inspiration for Oktoberfest! 

Even yet, activities like geese hunts, wheelbarrows, sack races, mush eating contests, and barrel rolling championships entertained spectators. In the 1870s, mechanical rides started to play a more significant role in the festival, and by 1908, it was home to Germany's first roller coaster. Temporary beer kiosks began popping up as soon as the township started allowing the sale of alcohol on the fairgrounds. These stands became more prevalent throughout time until they were ultimately phased out in favor of beer halls in 1896. 

The beer halls, which were akin to the beer tents that are popular today, were funded by the neighborhood brewers.

The event was ultimately extended and pushed forward to September. It was done on purpose because of the comfortable weather. The event ended on the first Sunday of October, one week after it started. In 2006, Oktoberfest was extended by two extra days due to a holiday observed on the first Tuesday of October. Twenty-four times throughout the last 200 years, cholera epidemics and war have forced the cancellation of Oktoberfest.

How to Celebrate Oktoberfest?

The best ways to celebrate Oktoberfest are as follows:

1. Visit Oktoberfest

Visiting Oktoberfest and attending Munich is the best way to celebrate the festival. A wide array of entertainment and festivities are set up there for Oktoberfests. Some things you can do there include drinking beer, dancing, concerts, rides, and games. These activities are designed explicitly for Oktoberfest and the fest attendees to enjoy.

2. Wear Traditional Oktoberfest Clothing

A fun thing you can do with your family and friends is to dress up for Oktoberfest. The traditional clothing for Oktoberfest is to wear 

For Men: Lederhosen, an article of traditional Bavarian clothing that consists of white buttoned shirts or check patterned buttoned shirts, an Alpine hat, board Gamsbart, Loafers, and knee-high socks.

For Women: Dirndl consists of a white blouse, an apron, shoes, and a dress that is at least knee-long.

3. Drink Beer

Oktoberfest is incomplete without drinking beer and lager. Get a few pegs of your favorite beer and lager and drink away with your friends and family. Beer is an integral part of the Bavarian culture and festivities, so drinking beer and lager is a must if you want to celebrate Oktoberfest.

4. Watch Horse Racing

The thing that started Oktoberfest is horse racing, one of the main components of celebration for the event. So watching horse racing with loved ones over some beers is a fun way of celebrating the occasion. But don't get into betting while drunk, or you may lose money.

5. Singing and Dancing

Singing and dancing are also other fun options. Nothing beats singing your heart out with a friend over some beer. Bring out that singer inside you that you only let out when you shower in the bathroom and sing your heart out. Some of the best memories a person can have are to involve alcohol and singing. Dancing is also something you can get into, but be careful about dancing while you are drunk as those too can turn out to be memories but not cherishable ones!

Interesting Facts about Oktoberfest

Here are some interesting facts about Oktoberfest:

  • Oktoberfest starts in September despite having October in its name.
  • According to Bavarian traditions and culture, only beer made in Munich is served on Oktoberfest.
  • No one is allowed to drink until the mayor starts the festival by saying "O'zapft" after opening the first keg of beer.
  • An estimated 1.8 million gallons of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest.
  • Munich awarded Andreas Michael Dall'Armi a gold citizens medal in 1824 for inventing Oktoberfest.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the tents on Oktoberfest. However, there are specific smoking zones within the tents.
  • All the beer that is served in Oktoberfest is extra strong, meaning they have high alcohol content.
  • Adidas has recently released special limited edition sneakers that are vomit-proof, especially for Oktoberfest.
  • In 1896, Albert Einstein worked in Oktoberfest. He worked there as an electrician. He also helped in setting up a beer tent.
  • The celebrity Paris Hilton is not allowed to attend Oktoberfest as she was permanently banned from it because she offended the locals with her dress.

To Conclude

Oktoberfest is one of the most fun festivals in the world. It is a wonderful combination of fun and alcohol. Despite the involvement of alcohol, some strict rules and regulations must be maintained by all those who attend the festival. So respect these rules when attending or celebrating Oktoberfest, or you may end up like Paris Hilton!

Oktoberfest Observances

2021Saturday18 SeptemberOktoberfest
2022Saturday17 SeptemberOktoberfest
2023Saturday16 SeptemberOktoberfest
2024Saturday21 SeptemberOktoberfest
2025Saturday20 SeptemberOktoberfest
2026Saturday19 SeptemberOktoberfest

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