National Beer Day - April 07, 2024

National Beer Day
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is National Beer Day?

National beer Day commemorated the day when an act passed which allowed the brewing of mild beer. On that day in 1933, people of the United States consumed around 1.5 million barrels of beer. 

And today, people raise their mugs full of beer regardless of their type to recreate the vibe. It is a beer-specific holiday that you can celebrate with friends, family, or even alone while watching your favorite game in the bar with a bunch of strangers. 

National Beer Day Quick Overview

  • Time/Date: April 7 
  • Category: Food and Beverage
  • Where It’s Marked? The USA
  • Why It’s Marked? It the time to raise a toast to the oldest and most venerable of all beverages: beer

History of National Beer Day

National beer day

The history of National beer Day traces back to 1933. Back then, the 18th Amendment to the Constitution was active, indicating a legal ban on intoxicating liquors. 

Under the act, every liquor was intoxicating, even beer. Therefore, in 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act was passed to lift the ban on beer. According to the law, beer contains a maximum of 3.2% alcohol which is inadequate to produce any intoxicating effect.

After President Franklin Roosevelt signed the act, he said, “I think this would be a good time for a beer.” And when the news got published, citizens got excited to have their mugs of beer without the fear of getting arrested. 

The law was effected on April 7. People waited in line outside breweries to celebrate the act. On that day, breweries sold around 1.5 million barrels of beer, a record that inspired Justin Smith.

Celebration of the Holiday

The mastermind behind National beer Day was Justin Smith and Mike Connolly. Mike insisted that Justin open a Facebook page to promote observing this day. With the help of Untappd, a beer-drinking app, he started promoting the day and encouraged everyone to post their beer check-ins in various bars. 

The posts got trending, and everyone started to post their beer encounter through Untappd. The app gives badges for the venues and types of beer on April 7. Users can also post their beer count through the app. 

Since Justin lived in Virginia, the trend of observing beer day was popular. After that, Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia at that time, officially recognized the day in 2017.

How to celebrate National Beer Day

Without any doubt, there has to be beer on the table on National Beer Day. Of course, there are other crazy ideas. Let’s check out the ideas to celebrate the beer- holiday. 

1. Start with New beer’s Eve

Why wait for beer day when you can start celebrating a day before? Plan a meeting with your friends to meet at your favorite bar and get warmed up for beer day.

2. Post on Social Media

Among all the other things on this day: don't forget to post a photo hashtagging #NationalbeerDay. Check how many beer glasses you had on the day using the app Untappd. 

3. Find out the Best beer Offers

All the breweries, pubs, and bars give special discounts on National beer day to increase sales and hit the record for serving the most. So, find out which pubs near you offer the most discount and go straight there in the evening to have the most fun. 

4. Find out your favorite

Do you know how many variants of beer you can have depending on their brewing technique? The main categories are Lagers and Ales. You can choose pale, dark, stouts, pilsners, light, or regular beer.

There are many more new tastes to test now. So, even if you have a personal favorite, try out what’s new in the house and find your new favorite beer. 

5. Pair food with beer

If you go to a bar with friends or family, you can also have a great time drinking beer and enjoying food. Several food items pair well with beer. Some of them are: 

  • Light lagers with burgers, salads, or any spicy food 
  • Dark lagers with Pizza 
  • Wheat beers with fruity desserts or spicy food
  • Amber and Indian Pale Ales with Steak, barbecue, smoked pork, or Mexican food  
  • Brown Ales with fish, sushi, sausage 
  • Porters with seafood and Stouts with Mexican food or chocolate desserts.

Countries that observe National Beer Day

Japan, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Philippines also celebrates the day other than the USA. However, every country has its National beer day on separate days as the history of brewing beer is different in every country. 

Interesting facts about National Beer Day

National beer day

If you have a beer in your hand, talking to a stranger will become more manageable, and you can have a new beer, Buddy! Now let's tell you some interesting facts about beer that you can share at your Happy Hour. 

  • Among the other alcoholic beverages, people consume beer the most. 42% of Americans prefer to have a beer over any other drink. 
  • Beer is one of the ancient drinks. The last possible known beer recipe was the Barley beer, found in 5000 BC. The laborers working on the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, received bread and beer as wages. 
  • Queen Cleopatra discouraged public drunkenness by imposing a tax on beer
  • The beer Museum in the Czech Republic was the first beer museum on earth.  
  • Snake Venom is the strongest beer, and a Scottish Brewery created the recipe.
  • Andre the Giant consumed about 355ml beer in one setting and set the record. He was a WWE legend. 
  • The health benefits of consuming controlled levels of beer include decreasing heart diseases, stronger bones, stimulating brain function, and improving sugar control. 

Unique National Beer Day Celebration Ideas

Are you a dedicated beer lover? If yes, then your National beer Day celebration must also be unique. You already know how to celebrate the day, but here are a few more ideas to spice it up.

1. Take a brewery Tour 

After a long tiring day, it is common to go for a drink to relax. So, on this National beer Day, take a tour to your nearest local brewery to experience the journey. Moreover, you can find out the oldest brewery in town, take a quick time, and taste their signature beer. 

2. Join a Month Long Celebration 

In North Carolina, people celebrate a month-long festival known as North Carolina beer Month. If setting aside one day for beer is not enough, take the special travel deals and enjoy the whole month with beer-themed events, taste testing, singing, and dancing. 

3. LA Calling! 

Yes, it’s LA. You already know where you need to be to celebrate National beer Day in the most excellent way possible. In Las Vegas, the Great Vegas Festival of beer on this day will let you try 500 craft beers. 

You will find both local and far-flung beers at the festival. And once the festival ends with plenty of educational sessions, crazy karaoke, and fantastic food from the food trucks, you can drive to Downtown LA to find more celebration ideas to celebrate beer Day. 

4. Brew beer at home 

Do you know you can brew beer at home? Celebrating beer day is a great idea when you have a lot on your mind and need to take a break from life. Indulge yourself in the magical beer brewing process, and the success will surely make your day happy. 

All you need is water, malted barley, brewer’s yeast, and flavoring. Watch videos on how to perfectly ferment the barley to make beer and the necessary equipment that you will need. Although the process can be a handful, you can save around $62 a year with home brewing. 

National Beer Day Quotes 

If you are looking for quotes to wish Happy National beer Day, or post online, read on to have some great quotes. 

“He was a wise man who invented beer.”- Plato

“Give me a woman who loves beer, and I will conquer the world.”- Kaiser Wilhelm

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”- Benjamin Franklin

“Beer… a high and mighty liquor.”- Julius Caesar

“Many battles have been fought and won by soldiers nourished on beer.”- Fredrick the Great


1. Why is beer illegal in Iceland?

Beer is illegal in Iceland to keep young people and workers away from the habit of being heavy drinkers. Many people also think that there are some political reasons behind this ban. 

2. When is International Beer Day?

August 4 is International Beer Day.

3. What’s the biggest drinking night of the year?

Thanksgiving Eve is popularly known as the ‘biggest drinking night.’

National Beer Day Observances

2021Wednesday07 AprilNational Beer Day
2022Thursday07 AprilNational Beer Day
2023Friday07 AprilNational Beer Day
2024Sunday07 AprilNational Beer Day
2025Monday07 AprilNational Beer Day
2026Tuesday07 AprilNational Beer Day

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