Mexican Independence Day - September 16, 2024

Mexican Independence Day
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is Mexican Independence Day

Father Hidalgo's plea for Mexico's independence from the Spaniards in September 1810 is observed on this occasion.

Mexican Independence Day All Quick Overview

  • Time/Date: September 16, annually
  • Category: Federal
  • Where it’s Marked: Estados Unidos Mexicanos
  • Why it’s Marked: The beginning of the Mexican Independence War against Spain. 

History of Mexican Independence Day

Mexico, formerly known as New Spain, was a region that the Spanish kingdom brutally governed for more than 300 years. Only Spaniards were permitted to occupy political positions, and the native population was subjected to oppression.

Agriculture and private property were also seized. Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest from the village of Dolores, is ultimately fed up.

He gave a speech renowned as the Grito de Dolores on September 16, 1810, in which he demanded a halt to Spanish authority and triggered the bell of his cathedral. It sparked the bloody Mexican Independence War, which raged for more than ten years.

Spain evacuated on August 24 and formally acknowledged Mexico as a sovereign nation. Father Costilla is regarded as the founder of Mexican independence presently. Since that historic day on September 16, 1810, Mexico has recognized its emancipation Day annually.

Agustin de Iturbide, a former Spanish-supporting soldier who turned against the Spanish and became a hero in the Mexican secessionist movement, served as a general in Mexico City, effectively taking the city's reins and announcing the sovereignty of the nation.

His following legislative pledge, known as the Plan of Iguala or the Plan of Three Guarantees, aimed to liberate Mexico from Spanish rule, establish the nation as a Roman Catholic nation, and protect the equality of all residents.

José Mara Morelos, some other priest, embraced the cause of the insurrection and expelled any members of the initial army who lacked a sword and a saddle. However, Morelos was ultimately brought before the tribunal and executed.

The war for independence descended into anarchy as Mexicans continued to contend against waning Spanish influence.

How to celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Mexican flag

Nationwide celebrations get underway on September 15 night. The Zócalo, including some of the most extensive city courtyards in the universe, serves as the focal point of the festivals in Mexico City, where more than 500,000 people congregate yearly.

It is customary for the head of state to recite the national anthem, to which supporters cheer "Viva! " said the raucous crowd. A grand finale of fireworks illuminates the stars at night.

This hatchback event is jam-packed with patriotic demonstrations, vibrant performances by mariachi bands, and Sabrosa cuisine. Individuals of Mexican ancestry memorialize this crucial moment in Mexican history when a courageous pastor in the town of Dolores rang his church bell and gave a stirring discourse that launched Mexico's War of Independence from Spain.

The night just before the primary ceremony, the president of Mexico partakes by striking the same bell on national television, which has been in use for more than 200 years.

Countries that observe Mexican Independence Day 

Mexican Independence Day is observed in communities throughout other nations with substantial Mexican populations through demonstrations and specific other festivities. Parades are held in Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and elsewhere to mark Mexican Independence Day.

Interesting Facts about Mexican Independence Day

We share with you some essential information concerning Mexican Independence Day in appreciation of the bravery and perseverance of the Mexican people and the observance of the holiday.

  • The flag represents something. 
  • There are two days worth of festivities. 
  • In 1811, Father Hidalgo was apprehended and slain. 
  • The Mexicans fought with rudimentary weaponry. 
  • Following 300 decades of slavery, Mexico was vying for independence.

Unique Mexican Independence Day Celebration Ideas 

The most acceptable time of year to celebrate with the natives and, more significantly, understand their past and culture is frequently throughout these holidays. Ways of intriguing Independence Day festivities have been hand-selected on our list.

  • Kites to glide. 
  • Ethnic dance. 
  • American Trivia. 
  • Become informed. 
  • Make it distinct. 
  • Fashion Contest. 
  • See patriotic films. 
  • Read patriotic literature. 
  • Make a quick excursion.
  • Maintain color harmony. 
  • Singing national anthems. 
  • Organize a meal or lunch for a survivor. 
  • Participate in the event to raise the flag. 
  • Picnic in your car and enjoy the fireworks. 
  • Sports Events Like a Sprint Race for the Flag. 
  • Get moving. Go outdoors, trekking or fishing.  

Mexican Independence Day Quotes

To commemorate such a momentous day in Mexico's antiquity, here are some words from some of its revolutionaries in English.

"Regardless of the size of the city or town where men or women are born, they are finally the size of their work, the size of their will to enlarge and enrich their brothers." - Ignacio Allende

"I am a servant of the nation because it assumes the greatest legitimacy and inviolable sovereignty.” - José María Morelos y Pavón

"Being against the cries of nature to sell to men, the laws are abolished." - Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla


1. What is Cinco de Mayo?

What is Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo, which means "May 5" in Spanish, is not Mexican Independence Day; that celebration was established after France departed from Mexico.

2. Which civilizations colonized Mexico first?

Which civilizations colonized Mexico first? According to sources, in the 15th century, some Spanish explorers discovered this piece of land.

3. What’s the age of Mexico as a country?

The country is almost 200 years old. 

4. What was the name of Mexico before to invasion? 

Pre-Hispanic people referred to what is now Mexico as Anahuac, which means land enclosed by water.

Mexican Independence Day Observances

2021Thursday16 SeptemberMexican Independence Day
2022Friday16 SeptemberMexican Independence Day
2023Saturday16 SeptemberMexican Independence Day
2024Monday16 SeptemberMexican Independence Day
2025Tuesday16 SeptemberMexican Independence Day
2026Wednesday16 SeptemberMexican Independence Day

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