International Tea Day - December 15, 2023

International Tea Day
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is International Tea Day

International Tea Day aims to tea production by bringing attention to the need for balanced competition, stable environments, and safe workplaces for plantation workers.

International Tea Day all Quick Overview

  • Time/Date: December 15
  • Category: Food and Beverage
  • Where it’s Marked: Globally
  • Why it’s Marked: To increase understanding of the effects that the tea trade, which tea drinkers cherish, has on growers and workers.

History of International Tea Day


According to legend, Emperor Nun Shen initially found tea in China more than 4,000 years ago. A kettle of water bath that his attendants had set over a fire was accidentally filled with surrounding tree leaves while he was travelling to a remote area.

The first cup of tea was created when the Emperor sampled the beverage due to its energizing scent.

Tea is grown in over 35 countries and provides a living for over 13 million people. In addition to its flavor and health benefits, tea has significantly contributed to the culture and societal advancement.

Dutch merchants transported tea to Europe in the 16th century, where it was widely sold due to the founding of the East India Company in England.

Conflicts about tea taxes in 1773 led to the Boston Tea Party, which saw merchants attack ships to seize barrels of tea in response to angry townspeople. Initiated by the union movement in 2005, International Tea Day promotes a more sustainably produced product from the gardens to our hands while highlighting tea's health advantages, economic significance, and colonial identity.

The first International Tea Day was observed in New Delhi in 2005, and events were held there in 2006 and 2008 before moving to Sri Lanka.

How to Celebrate International Tea Day

International Tea Day's purpose is to recognize tea's cultural legacy, health advantages, and economic significance. Conventionally, demonstrations, advocacy campaigns, and symposia are undertaken. Tea culture is not only acknowledged as a significant export crop for the nations that produce it, but fans also cherish it.

This year, in 2022, the Food and Agricultural Organization will host a 2022 function inaugurated by QU Dongyu, the director-general of the FAO. A symposium that accompanies the celebration and touches on concerns impacting the tea industry will kick off the program.

The seminar will focus on tea's role in restructuring the agricultural system essential to provide better food output, proper nutrition, a pleasant atmosphere, and a better standard of living for everybody. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish will be spoken during the event.

Countries that observe International Tea Day

Each nation has its distinctive ties to this age-old beverage. Here are some tea-loving nations' traditions for drinking and celebrating tea.

1. China

Tea was initially used as a medicine. Throughout history, tea has played a significant role in Chinese culture. The Chinese started flavoring tea with additional ingredients in the fourth century, starting with rice and salt. All socioeconomic classes continue to include tea in their daily lives.

2. Japan

The sad or chad, or tea ceremonies, are well-known things Japan is renowned for. This relaxing, contemplative ritual calls for precise execution of the stages and attention to the current moment.

3. Morocco

Moroccans love their mint tea, which they equate with friendliness and hospitality. They may make an offer to visitors atai or mint tea whenever you visit a Moroccan home.

4. United Kingdom

Since the 18th century, the UK has ranked among the top ten users across the globe. Everyone from all social groups enjoys it, which is seen as a distinctive aspect of British society and heritage. The standard serving of English breakfast tea is black, with milk, or with lemon. Many individuals want to include white sugar.

Interesting Facts about International Tea Day

Every morning is a tea day for most of us who never open mornings without the customary mug of tea. Thus, let’s examine some astounding facts surrounding this legendary custom. 

  • Camellia Sinensis is a plant that is used to make the beverage tea.
  • On tea plantations, women make up more than half of the labor yet frequently lack access to education.
  • Although this day has been marked since 2005, the United Nations added a new International Tea Day on May 21, 2019.
  • The Mandarin word cha expanded with tea when it first left China and went to the Arab world and Russia. 
  • Tea consumption has several health advantages, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and weight-loss properties.
  • Tea has enjoyed a particular place in the hearts of people from many different nations among all alcoholic beverages. Tea is hence referred to as the queen of all drinks. 
  • T, sometimes written tea, seems to have had a dual significance in black drag culture. It might refer to one's secret truth, as Chablis does, or it could be used to describe someone else's more profound fact or rumour. Find out more on Let’s Talk ‘Tea.’
  • The enormous tea bag weighed slightly over 551 pounds, measured 9.8 feet broad, and stood 13 feet tall. With one teabag, more than 100,000 cups of tea can be made.

Unique International Tea Day Celebration Ideas

Tea day

Although this festival may not be as good as Christmas or Easter, we believe it needs to be observed on one day each year to honor one of our seasonal brews in the most unexpected ways imaginable!

  • Host a Tea Party
  • Visit a Tea Farm
  • Try new Blends of Tea
  • Participate in Sofa Summit
  • Prepare Chocolate Tea Cakes
  • Contribute to a Cause, for instance, the Tea Leaf Trust
  • Travelling to places that are inherently rich in history and splendor is made possible by International Tea Day. To commemorate the venerable International Tea Day, visit at least one of the seven locations listed. We are always here for you with the best advice if you're unsure about where to begin.

International Tea Day Quotes

As well as having a significant influence on popular culture, tea has been highly regarded by novelists and essayists. A few of the quotes include:

“Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

“A simple cup of tea is far from a simple matter.” - Mary Lou Heiss

“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.” - Catherine Douzel


1. How much tea do the Brits consume each day?

Nearly 100 million cups of tea are enjoyed every day in Britain, according to

2. Which nation produces the most tea?

The largest global producer of tea in China.

3. What will International Tea Day be focused on in 2022?

Tea and Fair Trade focuses on this year's International Tea Day.

4. Why is May 21 also Global Tea Day?

The United Nations sought to raise awareness of tea's importance in battling hunger and poverty while promoting tea cultivation and consumption.

International Tea Day Observances

2021Wednesday15 DecemberInternational Tea Day
2022Thursday15 DecemberInternational Tea Day
2023Friday15 DecemberInternational Tea Day
2024Sunday15 DecemberInternational Tea Day
2025Monday15 DecemberInternational Tea Day
2026Tuesday15 DecemberInternational Tea Day

We constantly update the dates of holidays that keep changing every year. However, while we revise and change some dates to be accurate, if you find any errors, kindly inform us . That will mean a lot to us.

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