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Glastonbury Festival
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What is Glastonbury Festival

The largest music and performing arts event in the world, Glastonbury Festival, served as a model for all festivals that followed. It encompasses modern artistic genres like dance, comedy, theater, circus, cabaret, and other genres.

Glastonbury Festival all Quick Overview

  • Category: Festival
  • Where it’s Marked: England
  • Why it’s Marked: It ranks among the largest and most distinguished exhibitions of performing arts in the entire globe. The multi-day festival, which takes place at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, United Kingdom, showcases entertainment by eminent musicians, dancers, comedians, actors, and visual artists.

History of Glastonbury Festival


The history of this well-renowned festival runs back an epic 50 years or so. Sit tight as I take you through the timeline of Glastonbury along with the time. 

  • The Pilton Pop, Folk, and Blues Festival debuted the day following Jimi Hendrix's passing. It occurred in the late summer of 1970. There were 1,500 individuals. In addition to free milk and backpacking, registration costs £1.
  • To correspond with the spring equinox, the convention's name was modified to The Glastonbury Fayre in 1971.
  • The Glastonbury Fayre squad didn't decide to put on multiple celebrations in honor of the Year of the Child until 1979. Twelve thousand festival-goers paid £5 each to enter the event.
  • The festival organizers still had trouble securing a license annually. Five indictments were managed to defend by the organizers in 1984 as they fought with the county municipality to enable the festival will take place.
  • The Glastonbury Festival for the Contemporary Performing Arts was given its official title and celebrated its 20th jubilee in 1990.
  • As Glastonbury greeted the talented individuals of the developing British entertainment industry, Oasis, Pulp, Blur, and Radiohead launched respective carnival premieres in 1994.
  • The festival's capacity had been surpassed by 1999 when tickets cost £83, and Coldplay was first announced.
  • With the new portal and constrained space in 2003, 100,000 festival tickets were handed out for the inaugural time in under a day.
  • With a ribbon tower, the Park was built by the planners in 2006, and Block9, which made remarkable theatrical sets fascinated by the Manhattan drag scene, was installed in 2007.
  • Before the entertainment schedule was revealed, tickets for the 2010 Festival sold out in under 30 minutes, demonstrating how popular it remained.
  • The festival could accommodate 203,500 attendees in 2019 and needed a portable facility with food, power, and restrooms comparable to a town the size of Bath. The event organizers quickly transform the Worthy Farm's lush fields into a musical hamlet that serves as the attendees' five-day abode.

How to Celebrate Glastonbury Festival

If you are willing to participate and celebrate the youth culture of contemporary times, you must check this section of the Glastonbury Festival’s objectives to get a clearer picture. You may contribute to the company’s charity objectives towards organizations such as Greenpeace. Festival attendees may also check out the enormous marketplaces showcasing hand-crafted jewelry and clothing. 

Countries that observe Glastonbury Festival

While the festival is live broadcasted only from the United Kingdom, as we have already mentioned, there might be an opportunity for you can watch it from any corner of the world. Approximately 700 media representatives from around the globe witness the festival and chronicle it in each of their nations. You can also enjoy the festival in the comfort of your home through online streaming sources available at that time. 

Interesting Facts about Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is about much more than simply music, as you will know if you've visited. You should put it on your wishlist if you've never been there.

  • Speakers, nonprofit organizations, exhibitions, fundraisers, and a ton of vegetarian food can all be found at the Green Futures Field.
  • The entrance fee to the first Glastonbury Festival was £1, but it also featured milk.
  • Every year, the celebration is free for all citizens of the surrounding village of Pilton.
  • Numerous raves and secret hangouts exist. The notorious underground rabbit hole and the repurposed London Underground train are fun party spots to seek out.
  • People frequently visit Glastonbury's Stone Circle earlier in the morning because it's a terrific spot to watch the sunrise.
  • While festival food and tickets are excessive, there are numerous free things at Glastonbury, specifically in the Green Fields.
  • At Glasto, there is such a strong sense of love and serenity that some people even get married.
  • The names "The Largest Greenfield Festival" and "Largest Music and Performing Arts Festival" are bestowed to Glastonbury Festival.
  • The site has expanded to 900 acres, or around 1.4 square miles, which is large enough to accommodate 500 football fields.
  • The Glastonbury Festival holds a juggling record in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Approximately 30 megawatts, or about as much as Bath, are used by Glastonbury for power. Renewable energy sources provide most of the force, primarily sun and wind.
  • Since the festival's debut in 1970, 2008 was the first year it did not generate a profit.
  • Volunteers receive a good salary and a free ticket. More than 1,300 volunteers for recycling tasks are reportedly doing them for free access.

Unique Glastonbury Festival Celebration Ideas

The Glastonbury Festival has so much to offer. Make sure you try out some of our unique recommendations if you attend the festival in the upcoming years.

  • Discover the hidden gigs 
  • Participate in the most prominent peace sign ever.
  • Visit the Ultimate Power celebration.
  • Visit Arcadia
  • Check out the Pyramid Stage
  • Try out the never-ending variety of food and drink
  • Use cycling or walking routes to reach the destination
  • Take your time exploring the on-site market.

If you have kids just around the age group of teenagers or below, ensure you take them to the following locations at the festival for the most wonderful time ever! 

  • Bedtime story sessions
  • Crafts and Activities
  • Pink Kidz Castle
  • Cadmus Kids Play Ship

These destinations are just half an hour away and will hopefully enhance your experience at the festival to incredible levels.

  • Glastonbury
  • Bruton
  • Castle Cary
  • Mells 
  • Frome
  • Fleet Air Arm Museum
  • Wookey Hole
  • The Bishop’s Palace

If you're visiting for a relaxed weekend at the festival and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, these gardens or walks are the perfect weekend getaway for you.

  • The Newt In Somerset
  • Oudolf Field
  • Stourhead House & Gardens
  • Nunney Castle and village
  • Ebbor Gorge
  • King Alfred’s Tower
  • Avalon Marshes

Glastonbury Festival Quotes

People can come together through music in a variety of ways. We can express ourselves more freely and have a more profound knowledge of our moods and emotions through music. As a result, we have compiled some quotes for you to understand fully.

“Music gives a soul to the universe.” - Plato

“I don't know anything about music. In my line, you don't have to.” - Elvis Presley

“Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven.” - Henri Frederic Amiel


1. Is the Glastonbury Festival annually?

Glastonbury typically occurs four out of every two decades.

2. Why do individuals visit Glastonbury?

People with kids, teenagers, and the elderly in their 60s get along well, and the primary purpose they visit is because of the vibe.

3. Do performers at Glastonbury get reimbursed?

The simple answer is yes. Even celebrities are paid no more than $500k because of their maximum wage.

4. What is the price of Glastonbury?

Glastonbury 2022 tickets cost £280 plus a £5 booking charge.

5. How many days long is Glastonbury?

The three-day music and arts agenda at Glastonbury takes place throughout the festival's five days.

6. Who performed the most during the festival?

Eight times in total, Van Morrison has performed on the Pyramid Stage.

Glastonbury Festival Observances

2021Tuesday22 JuneGlastonbury Festival
2022Wednesday22 JuneGlastonbury Festival
2023Saturday22 JuneGlastonbury Festival
2024Saturday22 JuneGlastonbury Festival
2025Sunday22 JuneGlastonbury Festival
2026Monday22 JuneGlastonbury Festival

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