Galentine's Day - February 13, 2024

Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is Galentine’s Day

Because it is centered on your female best friends and genuine loves, Galentine's Day is frequently thought of as the significantly better equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Galentine’s Day - All Quick Overview

  • Time/Date: February 13 
  • Category: Relationship
  • Where it’s Marked: United States of America
  • Why it’s Marked: It's the perfect opportunity to come alongside the women you cherish so much in your lives.

History of Galentine’s Day 

Although Galentine's Day may appear to have been created by a celebration credit bureau, its origins are actually in contemporary culture. Because Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) celebrated Galentine's Day in multiple episodes of the comedy Parks and Recreation, viewers are most likely already aware of the holiday.

It makes sense that Leslie will create Galentine's Day because she is a lifelong enthusiast and people-person. In a season one episode from 2010 that aired, Leslie welcomes all of her female pals to breakfast and presents them with presents for the occasion.

In seasons to come, the campaign continues to provide Galentine's Day episodes, with the final one showing in 2014. Galentine's Day gradually seeped into the collective awareness of the world and evolved into addition to Valentine's Day ceremonies due to the success of Parks and Recreation.

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day 

There aren't any strict guidelines for unauthorized festival. Social media is flooded with requests for Galentine's Day participation and pictures of previous gatherings. Some people skip breakfast in favor of dinner or brunch or plan prosocial behavior that doesn't merely involve eating. Gifts can be given and received, and you can ordinarily enjoy the benefits of female companionship. For any activity you choose to perform with your pals, you might select to wear comparable makeup and coordinated clothing.

Countries that Observe Galentine’s Day

Female friendships are the epitome of one’s life. Whether in the most developed countries in the world or places where it’s not so celebrated, human beings celebrate female friendships unknowingly every time we eventually meet up with them. Galentine’s Day celebration doesn’t need a special occasion to be celebrated. However, if we decide to look around and survey the celebration rate of this special day with our female friends, the proximity of this being heavily celebrated lies mostly in countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, where it is more comparatively prevalent. More often, India also joins happy-heartedly in such festivals nowadays, as can be noticed through the inspection of social platforms heavily. 

Interesting Facts about Galentine’s Day 

Women are strong and much more potent when they help each other. Women can honor one other's accomplishments on Galentine's Day individually and among their friendship groups. Let’s rummage through some fun and shocking facts about this holiday.

  • The proportion of women who have a best friend is 98%. 
  • A woman's reasonable number of best friends in her lifetime is six. 
  • The typical friendship span for women is 16 years. 
  • After age 55, female friendships last an average of 23 years. 
  • One in four women claims their best friend understands them more than their boyfriend
  • 47% of women say they want to spend more time with their closest friends.
  • Having female pals can give you a different viewpoint. 
  • Female friends can speak the truth to power. 
  • We can manage stress better through female connections. 
  • Female friendships improve over time.

Unique Galentine’s Day Celebration Ideas 

This year's Galentine's Day celebrations may alter slightly. You might decide to sip mixed drinks and munch pancakes while on video chats rather than going out to lunch or dinner with your friends. However, it doesn't follow that February 13 should be the least enjoyable.

  • Prepare a dessert charcuterie board.
  • Ask fun questions to each other
  • Send Chocolates to each other 
  • Go for Wine Tasting with friends
  • Learn a new skill together
  • Serve Heart-shaped Food
  • Prepare Brunch together
  • Decorate a Balloon Wall 
  • Display a Variety Show
  • Throw a Pajama Party
  • Offer Tarot Readings
  • Get some Cocktails
  • Throw a Tea Party
  • Decorate Cookies 
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Watch a Rom-com
  • Enjoy a Spa Day
  • You can also watch these movies to celebrate this incredible day. 
    1. Clueless (1995)
    2. Crossroads (2002)
    3. The Help (2011)
    4. Mean Girls (2004)
    5. Lady Bird (2017)
  • Play some fun games with your besties. Check one of these suggestions for the perfect Galentine’s Day celebration ever. 
    1. The 36 Questions to Fall in Love
    2. Two Truths and a Lie
    3. Never Have I Ever
    4. All Bad Cards
    5. Would You Rather
    6. Wikipedia Races
    7. Pictionary
    8. Scattergories
    9. Catchphrase
    10. Codenames
    11. Dirty Minds
    12. FishBowl
    13. Scrabble
    14. Taboo
    15. Bingo
    16. Hearts
    17. Boggle

Galentine’s Day Quotes

Celebrate this day of female bonding with the most quotes for Galentine’s Day and send it to your best buddies commemorating along with you. 

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow." - William Shakespeare

"Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant." - Socrates

“What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.” - Aristotle


1. Are Galentine’s Day and Women’s Day the same?

Both are an occasion to celebrate women, but especially Galentine’s Day hopes to commemorate the bonding amongst the women in individuals’ lives only.

2. Is there a Galentine's Day for men?

It is known as Galentine's Day, a joyful and festive day.

3. What’s the hidden meaning behind Galentine’s vs. Valentine's Day?

On Galentine's Day, similarly to on Valentine's Day, one might be somebody else's Galentine by asking, "Will you be my Galentine?

4. Which other holiday does Galentine’s Day resemble?

Galentine's Day is on track to join Friendsgiving as a holiday that honors our platonic relationships.

Galentine's Day Observances

2021Saturday13 FebruaryGalentine's Day
2022Sunday13 FebruaryGalentine's Day
2023Monday13 FebruaryGalentine's Day
2024Tuesday13 FebruaryGalentine's Day
2025Thursday13 FebruaryGalentine's Day
2026Friday13 FebruaryGalentine's Day

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