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Burns Night
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What is Burns Night?

The most famous poet to come out of Scotland, Robert Burns, is honored every year on January 25 during a celebration that is known as Burns Night. Burns, who was born in Ayr, was a character who had several talents in many different areas. He was the author of many songs, poems, and letters, all of which he wrote himself. 

During the festivities commemorating the passing of another year, you almost probably heard or sang "Auld Lang Syne" at some point. This was another one of "Rabbie" Burns's penned works.

Before his death in 1796, he had written almost 550 pieces of poetry and music during the course of his career. Some people refer to him as "the national poet of Scotland," while others call him "the national bard of Ayrshire." He was born in the region of Ayrshire, which is located in Scotland.

What Countries Observe Burns Night? 

While many countries celebrate Burns Night, it is mainly celebrated by Scottish people and in Scotland.

History of Burns Night

The very first Burns Night was conducted in 1801, and despite the passing of more than 200 years, many of the customs that were observed during that night are being observed today.

Burns Night is the anniversary of Robert Burns's birth, which occurred on January 25, 1759, and the traditional Burns supper is an early night event that honors his life and his work. Nine of Burns' closest friends agreed to meet on the fifth anniversary of their friend's passing to commemorate the occasion. This event is considered to be the beginning of history. 

The celebration was held at Burns Cottage in Alloway, and it included a delicious dinner of haggis, performances of Burns's works, and a speech honoring the great "Bard." The evening was considered to be such a success that it was agreed the event would be organized again, this time in honor of Rabbie's birthday.

As a result, the custom that we continue to observe to this day was established. Let's have a look at where the unique customs that are observed on Burns Night came from.

How Do You Celebrate Burns Night?

To celebrate Burns Night, you can do the following:

1. Play Bagpipes

Bagpipes are an integral part of Scottish culture, so you should always anticipate bagpipe music and performances as part of the festivities for Burns Night. Even if you can't play the bagpipe, you can play music from the internet. 

2. Food

When it comes to food, you should consider eating and making traditional Scottish food. Haggis is commonly served and eaten on Burns Night. It is one of the most Scottish foods out there. It is a blood pudding made with lentils, herbs, and animal parts and encased in a sheep's stomach. 

Besides haggis, other foods you can have on Burns Night include mashed root vegetables, Scotch eggs, etc.

3. Drama and Poetry

Since it is all about celebrating the works of the great poet Robert Burns, one of the best ways to celebrate that night is by reciting poetry and acting out plays and recitals by the great bard. Gather a bunch of friends, have a few drinks, and then start reciting the poems and recitals, and laugh your bagpipes off as you watch people mispronounce words and stumble!

4. Whiskey….And More Whiskey!

This shouldn't be a surprise as this is a Scottish festivity. I mean, any Scottish or Irish celebration is incomplete without alcohol. And so, whiskey is a must. Get as many kinds of whiskey as possible, including your favorite one. And drink the night away.

Remember, both fun and tragic memories start with alcohol, so drink responsibly and, yes, have fun; otherwise, what's the point of drinking and damaging your livers?


Now that you know more about Burns Night, I hope you'll be able to celebrate it properly next year. So get some haggis, some whiskey, and some friends to share them with and sing the night away!

Burns Night FAQs

1. What Kind of Deserts are Consumed on Burns Night?

On Burns Night, it's not uncommon to see a traditional cheese board with dishes like cranachan and clootie dumplings.

2. What are the Perfect Whiskeys for Burns Night?

Without a wee dram, Burns Night just wouldn't be the same! It doesn't matter whether you like the smoky whiskies from Islay or the golden malts from Speyside; this is the ideal beverage with which to honor Scotland's national poet. Learn all you can about whiskey.

2. What are Some Fun Ideas for Burns Night?

The main point of Burns Night is to celebrate literature and have fun with friends and loved ones. So do just that; celebrate literature and have fun with family and friends by eating traditional Scottish food, playing Scottish music, and playing trivia games, and don’t forget the whiskey!

4. Where Can I Find Good Music for Burns Night?

Check out playlists on Spotify, including songs appropriate for Burns Night. Also, Youtube is another great option.

5. What Games Can You Play on Burns Night?

On Burns Night, you may have your visitors participate in a game called "Hunt for the Haggis," in which they look for a handcrafted fuzzy haggis. If any musicians attend, you can also consider having an impromptu jamming session. Besides this, trivia games are also a great option.

6. How to Make a Burns Night Trivia Game?

Find a ton of information and anecdotes about Robert Burns in preparation for the ultimate Burns quiz night. Determine who will act as the host and have participants record their responses on separate sheets of paper. Give a little award to the person or team that wins the competition; for example, a tiny bottle of whiskey, an extra serving of haggis, etc.

Burns Night Observances

2021Monday25 JanuaryBurns Night
2022Tuesday25 JanuaryBurns Night
2023Wednesday25 JanuaryBurns Night
2024Thursday25 JanuaryBurns Night
2025Saturday25 JanuaryBurns Night
2026Sunday25 JanuaryBurns Night

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