Black History Month - February 26, 2024

Black History Month
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is also known as African American History Month. It is an annual celebration honoring the significant contributions African Americans made to the history of the United States of America.

In addition, this day is celebrated to raise awareness of the daily obstacles and prejudices that people of African descent face in contemporary society.

This historical movement began with the founding of "Negro History Week" by renowned historian Carter G. Woodson and several other prominent African Americans.

Although people have been made aware that the term "Negro" is politically incorrect. Understanding Black history can therefore help you become more politically correct.

As a result, the month is commonly known as Black History Month.

Despite this, since 1976, each President of the United States has participated in a ceremony to proclaim February as Black History Month.

In addition to the United States and Canada, countries such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, and Germany observe Black History Month in February.

Today, Black History Month continues the conversation about Black people and their contributions through activities such as museum exhibits and film screenings, and by encouraging the year-round study of African American accomplishments.

Black History Month All Quick Overview

  • Time/Date: Throughout February (in the US and Canada)
  • Category: Cultural. 
  • Where It’s marked: United States of America (USA). 
  • Why It’s marked: Black History Month is celebrated to share the history of America and African American people who were enslaved. 

How to Celebrate Black History Month?

How to celebrate black history month

The commemoration of Black History Month has become a significant aspect of culture in the United States. People are more aware of political correctness now that we are in the 21st century, and slavery has been abolished for many years.

Despite this, racism still exists, and black people are often the victims of discrimination and abuse. There is still a significant gap that exists between people of white and black descent.

So the best way to observe this month is to raise awareness of racism and, yes, the contributions and sufferings of black people in American history.

To observe the month properly, the following can be done:

1. Educating

To show our respect, we need to have an accurate understanding of the history of slavery. And how Black people were dealt with.

Schools can teach their students about the history of black people and hold special workshops and seminars.

Workplaces can assign HR departments to enforce anti-racism policies and train and reinforce the employees to refrain from prejudice and abusive behavior towards minorities or any group of people.

2. Watching documentaries

It can be done collectively as it is a perfect family activity. Knowing the lives of influential African American people will decently influence your judgment and get rid of superstitions and prejudices more easily.

3. Visiting Museums

Field trips, family days out, or even a date to an African Museum can be a fun activity for this month.

4. #BlackLivesMatter

Black Lives Matter is a social movement highlighting racism and racial inequality experienced among black people. Participate in this movement to fathom the ignition of revolution.

Donate to Black organizations and Charities. Such as Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Color of Change, Black Girls Code, The Black Youth Project

5. Embracing Black Culture

Doing cultural activities like traditional black music, dance or performances can be a fun way to observe the month. Moreover, you can even decide to recreate traditional black cuisine at home for your friends and family.

Unique Black History Celebration Ideas

February is the month to honor black people and their contributions to America's history. And let's not forget that it's not just about their contribution but also their struggles. 

Black people have been on the sidelines for too long. They have been suffering from stereotypes for too long. It’s time for us to stand firm and celebrate Black culture, Black people, and Black History. 

Let’s be united and respectful with some fun activities we all can do. 

  • Visit an African American Museum 
  • Watch Black History Documentary and Movies 
  • Donate to Black organizations and Charities. Such as Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, Color of Change, Black Girls Code, The Black Youth Project
  • Learn about Black History Music 
  • Support Black-people-owned businesses 

Interesting Facts About Black History Month 

Black History Month is observed in February and is a month-long celebration of African Americans' diverse history, contributions, and achievements. Black History Month began nearly 100 years ago as a weeklong event and is now a month-long celebration of Black influence worldwide.

Stories of anti-slavery activism and ongoing racism, as well as a 400-year record of Black life in America, are all part of Black history. Keep scrolling if you want to learn some Black History Month facts you were not aware of. 

  • Carter G. Woodson Selected the Month of February to Honor Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass
  • The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) chooses black History Month Themes.
  • Civil Rights leaders working for black people helped popularize Black History Month.
  • Many National organizations sponsor Black History Month

To Conclude

Black History Month is a necessary observance that needs to be repeated every year. Racism and discrimination are no joke. We, humans, have advanced so much and sent men to the moon, but still, we can't get over the difference in skin color and act no wiser than mindless animals. 

If you know anyone of color, always make them feel appreciated and welcome. Remember, good behavior and a smile goes a long way!

Black History Month Observances

2021Friday26 FebruaryBlack History Month
2022Saturday26 FebruaryBlack History Month
2023Sunday26 FebruaryBlack History Month
2024Monday26 FebruaryBlack History Month
2025Wednesday26 FebruaryBlack History Month
2026Thursday26 FebruaryBlack History Month

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