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Valentine's Day
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What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is the celebration of love worldwide. It is celebrated on the 14th of February and is also known as "Saint Valentine's Day" or the "Feast of Saint Valentine." The day was named after a Christian Saint and martyr, Valentine.

“Love is in the air!” – The perfect statement to define Valentine’s Day.

What Countries Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day is celebrated worldwide as love exists in all parts of the world.

History and Legends of Valentine’s Day

The true origins of the day are still unclear, but Saint Valentine's Day can be traced back to a part tradition of ancient Romans and Christians.

The celebration of the now Valentine's day took place for the advent of spring by ancient Romans. Back then, it was celebrated as Lupercalia Festival in ancient Rome. Men and women were paired off with each other. Fertility ceremonies were held, along with ceremonial animal sacrifices. 

Pope Gelasius the 1st led the Christian Church to ban the festival in 494 CE. It is suggested that he substituted the ceremonies with the Feast of the Purification on the 2nd of February. It is also infrequently indicated that he had replaced the Lupercalia Festival with Saint Valentine's Day, also celebrated on the 14th of February. Although, the true origin of the holiday may have been much later.

According to the Catholic Religion, Valentine's day was celebrated as a day of feasting known as Feast Day. Differing legends depict three (or more) saints named Valentine or Valentinus, who were referred for the celebration. But their backgrounds were inconsistent and lacked reliable information. Thus Feast Day was removed.

During the rule of Emperor Claudius II Gothicus, it was declared illegal for young men to marry. The emperor believed unmarried young men were better soldiers than its counterpart. Valentine secretly performed marriages for young men and women in love in defiance of the emperor's declaration. The Saint wore a ring with a Cupid, which aided the young soldiers in identifying him. Emperor Claudius ordered his execution when the authority learned about his secret actions.

A different account states that Saint Valentine was executed in Rome around 270 CE, during the rule of Emperor Claudius. The Christians were greatly persecuted, so they worshipped their emperor rather than their Gods. Saint Valentine was martyred in the persecution.

Valentine's Day got its name from the bishop. Saint Valentine, born in Terni, Italy, was the first bishop. He was also martyred in Rome coincidentally.

There was another story about Saint Valentine when he was imprisoned in Rome. Saint Valentine became friends with his jailor, and according to legend, the correctional officer was healed by Saint Valentine from blindness. At that time, Saint Valentine fell in love. He fell in love with the guard's daughter. The daughter visited Saint Valentine during his imprisonment. St. Valentine wrote a letter to his lover before his death, signed "from your Valentine."

The instances may be of the same person. It is speculated that the Catholic Church had founded St. Valentine's Day to commemorate these men, whom they considered martyrs.

Though all of these accounts seem to contribute to the romantic day, the poem "Parliament of Fowls," written by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1382, first associated Valentine's Day with affection and love and laid the pavement for modern-day Valentine's Day celebration. In modern English, the poem goes as :

"For this was on Saint Valentine's Day

When every bird comes there to choose his match

Of every kind that men may think of

And that so huge a noise they began to make

That earth and air and tree and every lake

Was so full that not easily was there space

For me to stand—so full was all the place."

The term "valentine" was first used in poetry. It was used to reference poetry and music lovers towards the end of the 15th century. Furthermore, the book titled “The Young Man's Valentine Writer” was published in the 18th century. Valentine's Day, as we commonly know it, began in the middle of the 19th century when paper Valentine's Cards were invented and mass-produced.

How is Valentine's Day Celebrated?

Candy and flowers, especially red roses (a representation of beauty and love), are common gifts. 

Many couples decide to have dinner, go on a picnic, or prepare a special home-cooked meal to spend Valentine's Day. Going out for dinner on Valentine's Day is also a great way to celebrate the day, as dinner specials are widely available at restaurants. Food on that day is themed on love and served with romantic symbols like hearts and flowers.

A couple can relax and spend quality time together by staying in a luxurious hotel in a scenic setting as Valentine's Day activity.

Valentine's Day marriage proposals are typically sentimental and unforgettable. Another exciting thing is that Valentine's Day is a common day for marriage proposals, so it's frequently picked as the ideal occasion to declare one's love and devotion. Some marriage proposals are made inventively, such as by displaying a message on a billboard or after reaching the summit of a mountain.

Virtual Valentine's Day plans, such as movie time, and online games, may be helpful for long-distance lovers who cannot spend quality time together.

Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

Here are some interesting facts about Valentine's Day:

  • The most common wedding anniversary date is Valentine’s Day in the Philippines.
  • Valentine's Day was first seen being celebrated in Paris on the 14th of February, 1400, as a day of love and affection.
  • An estimated 145 million greeting cards are exchanged between lovers and people on Valentine's Day each year in the U.S.A.
  • Valentine's Day flower-giving customs can be traced back to the 17th century.
  • In the United States alone, more than $1 billion of chocolate is bought annually on Saint Valentine's Day.
  • Many of the children that are born in November are a direct result of Valentine's Day.

Some Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day

  • In the US, there are cities and towns such as Loveland in Colorado, Romeoville in Illinois, Love Valley in North Carolina, and Valentine in Texas. 
  • In 2020, there were about 20,000 jewelry stores, 12,000 flower shops, 3,000 candy and nut stores, 1,000 chocolate makers, and 500 nonchocolate candy makers.  
  • California and Pennsylvania had the most chocolate makers in 2020.  
  • In the last 10 years, in the US, there has been a significant decline in both marriage and divorce rates. 
  • The sum of imports of all bouquet cut flowers in February 2022 was approximately $203 million. 
  • The sum of imports of fresh-cut roses and buds, specifically, in February 2022 was approximately $106 million.

To Conclude

Valentine's Day isn't a day just for lovers. It is for everyone. Even if you don't have a lover, you should celebrate the day by telling your loved ones, i.e., friends and family, that you love them and how much you mean to them. Single people often go on blind dates on Valentine's day, too, and it could be a fun way to celebrate the day. Who knows? You may even meet the love of your life again; on the other hand, you may even experience the worst date in your life that day! Yes, blind dates can go either way!


1. Who/What is Cupid?

Cupid is the ancient Roman God of Love. He is equivalent to Eros, the Greek god of love. We usually see him as the semi-naked baby with a bow and arrows with heart tips. He is also known as  Amor in Latin mythology.

2. Can other people except lovers celebrate Valentine's Day?

Of course, YES! It is a day to show affection to all the people you love, like, and adore.

3. Is Valentine’s Day a holiday?

Valentine's Day is not a public holiday in any country. Businesses, Government offices, and Schools are open.

Valentine's Day Observances

2021Sunday14 FebruaryValentine's Day
2022Monday14 FebruaryValentine's Day
2023Tuesday14 FebruaryValentine's Day
2024Wednesday14 FebruaryValentine's Day
2025Friday14 FebruaryValentine's Day
2026Saturday14 FebruaryValentine's Day

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