Holiday Calendar in 2023

Here you will find all the holidays around the world, month by month.

January Holidays

January is the exciting beginning of the year, full of winter chills. But it is also packed with holidays that will keep your heart warm.

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February Holidays

Don’t let February's title as "the shortest month of the year" fool you. February is full of holidays for you to celebrate.

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March Holidays

March ushers in both spring and the end of winter. This month is full of holidays that let you celebrate spring even better.

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April Holidays

In April you will see flowers everywhere. But the bonus is that this month also offers many national holidays.

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May Holidays

May isn’t all about Labor Day. This month is jam-packed with many different types of holidays that you can enjoy.

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June Holidays

June welcomes the summer. On some June days, you can stay in if you don't like the heat, as this month has a lot of holidays.

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July Holidays

July marks many significant national holidays. Why not learn some backstories about those days sitting at home?

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August Holidays

August starts bidding farewell to summer, long daytimes, and the summer breaks. Need more holidays? August won’t let you down.

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September Holidays

September welcomes fall and cold breezes of fall. September also marks many holidays for you to enjoy the seasonal transition.

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October Holidays

October has one of the many fan-favorite holidays, Halloween. But many other October holidays are loved too.

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November Holidays

November isn't only the best in weather; it is also packed with some of the best holidays, starting from Veterans Day to Thanksgiving.

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December Holidays

We love December because it has the most joyous holidays that we wait all year to celebrate with love and togetherness.

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