Online Calculator

Using the following calculator, you can easily calculate arithmetic problems, do basic accounting and finance-related calculations, plus basic scientific calculations.

Everything About this Online Calculator

Using this free online calculator, you can easily do arithmetic and basic scientific calculations. This calculator is easy to use and will save you time. You can use this free calculator on both desktop and mobile devices.

For someone who does not require more advanced features, this online calculator is an excellent option for them.

Calculator's Function Keys

0, 1, 2, 3,......9: Standard number keys.

⌫ : Removes the last character on the display.

+,-,×, ÷: Mathematical signs for your required calculation.

%: Calculates percentage.

π: Pi sign.

√: Calculates the square root.

X²: Calculates square values of given X.

xn: Calculation of X to the power of Y.

sin, cos, tan: Primary functions of trigonometry. 

ln, log: Calculates natural logarithm and logarithm.

C: Resets calculator.

Calculator's Features

Full Screen: This calculator has a full screen feature that will enable you to calculate a long series of numbers comfortably.

Keyboard Control: You can use your desktop or laptop’s keyboard as a shortcut to enter the calculator's digits. It will allow you to utilize the calculator without a mouse. However, as you must press each key in order, this method can be time-consuming.

Number Keypad Control: You can use the calculator with the majority of number pads and keyboards in the most widely used browsers to enter numbers, clear them, perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations, and erase or backspace.

Text Size: In some browsers, like Chrome desktop, you may adjust the text size in your browser settings, and the calculator's text and buttons will accordingly increase or decrease in size.

Zoom: On a desktop, using your browser's zoom option, you can make the calculator in it larger. The calculator, text, and button sizes will adjust proportionally with the zoom percentage.

Touch Screen Zoom: If you are using the calculator on your mobile, you can touch your screen to zoom and increase the size of the calculator. Sizes of text, button, and the whole calculator will change proportionally.

If you want some more features in our calculator, let us know.

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