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Bill Gates Age, Net Worth, Family, Education & Facts - Biography

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27 February 2023
Bill Gates biography

An ordinary introduction for this individual isn’t just sufficient anymore. Today, we present to you some bits and facts about the life of Bill Gates, the pioneer of the world’s first personal computer company: Microsoft Corporation. Needless to say that this man single-handedly has ultimately revolutionized the technology industry in the blink of an eye, which today serves billions worldwide with their simple and everyday chores effortlessly.  

Bill Gates Quick Facts

  • Full Name: William Henry Gates III
  • Parents: William Henry Gates II (a.k.a. Bill Sr.) and Mary Maxwell Gates
  • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Birthday: October 28, 1955
  • Net Worth: 105 billion USD 
  • Spouse: Melinda French Gates
  • Educational Institutes: Harvard College, Lakeside School

Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates turned multiple businesses into a hugely profitable behemoth within only two decades, becoming the world’s wealthiest man. Nevertheless, he didn't form emerging innovations; instead, he took an already current infrastructure, tailored it to a particular industry, and afterward dominated that customer base via creative marketing and astute commercial acumen. 

The technological authoritarian made a fortune by foreseeing market requirements. His nonprofit organization nowadays assists innumerable people all over the world. The institute's primary goals are to improve medical care and poverty eradication worldwide.

We need to include some of the notable awards and honors achieved by the charitable organization as it continues to serve individuals worldwide with its impeccable services and dedication led by Bill Gates and his ex-wife. 

How Old is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates date of birth : Oct 28, 1955
Bill Gates Age Now
  • 68 Years
  • 1 Months
  • 12 Days
Bill Gates Next Birthday In
  • 10 Months
  • 17 Days
  • Monday , 28 Oct 2024
Bill Gates Already Lived
In Years68 Years
In Months817 Months
In Days24880 Days
In Weeks3554 Weeks
In Hours597125 Hours
In Minutes35827530 Minutes
In Seconds2149651842 Seconds

Where was Bill Gates Born?

The great entrepreneur Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington, in an average middle-class family with the perfect mix of parents who had helped his future quite beautifully with their super values and upbringing, as we may observe through his actions of giving back to society in contemporary times.

Bill Gates’ Birth Sign

According to his birth charts, Bill Gates is a member of the eighth astrological sign Scorpio. The scorpion represents Scorpio. Individuals born under the constellation of Scorpio need time to trust strangers.

Bill Gates's Net Worth

Starting in 1986, Bill Gates appeared on Forbes' annual wealthy roster. He's been highly affluent throughout that time, but his income is shifting. Considering his enormous wealth, Gates acknowledged that he didn't embark on an expenditure binge after becoming a billionaire.  

Although he’s one of the co-founders of perhaps the most renowned company in the world, Microsoft isn’t the only organization that has contributed to his net worth so far. Using his financial institution, Cascade, he has invested in various acquisitions, besides a share in the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Charles Hotel. 

According to reports, he and Cascade jointly possess about 50% of the Four Seasons Holdings hotel portfolio, which includes properties in Atlanta and Houston. Gates and Saudi Arabian billionaire Alwaleed Bin Talal hold 95% of the company. Let’s check out some of the highlights of his incredible variety of investment portfolio.

Earlier in July 2022, Bill and Melinda Gates had pledged virtually to donate approximately almost 20 billion USD to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which might also leave a significant impact on the net worth of Bill Gates altogether. However, according to sources and proven measures, Bill stands up to his words and promises, and this time either won’t be any different than the previous ones. 


There isn’t much to speak about the academic life of Bill Gates at secondary school since we all are very aware of his legendary Harvard dropout story to continue onto founding Microsoft with his friend and business partner, Allen. 

If we are to speak about his primary school life, it would be worth mentioning that he had an extraordinary score in the SAT exams, 1590 out of 1600, and had been keen on subjects specifically such as English, Drama, Mathematics, and Science shortly after being enrolled at the Lakeside School by his parents. 

Family Life

Speaking about the initial family life of the greatest, Bill Gates, it can be said that his childhood was very inspiring and peaceful, credit to his parents and his two wonderfully supportive siblings — Kristianne and Libby. The Gates youngsters grew up taught to be ambitious and aspire for greatness in a friendly and close-knit environment.

On a further note, it would be futile not to mention the nature of the relationship between Bill Gates and his mother, Mary Maxwell Gates. Since she was an inspiring and outgoing personality since her university life, that had precisely affected Bill Gates and his charitable works throughout his life. He would often accompany his mother to social and philanthropic organizations as she actively participated back in the day. 

Moving on to his family, Bill Gates was introduced to his former wife at 32 while she was 23 years old. The couple had tied the knot in Hawaii after several episodes of close bonding and were blessed with three children named Rory, Jennifer, and Phoebe. However, to our utter demise, the couple announced their separation in 2021, although they have been gracefully fulfilling their respective and significant roles at the foundation they had formed together until now. 

Some Quotes by Bill Gates

We can learn many principles and managerial styles from Bill Gates's leadership style and way of life. Here are some of the successful Gates quotes that are worth every penny to all entrepreneurs. 

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.”

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

“I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars, there’s a certain freedom, meaningful freedom, that comes with that. But once you get much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger.”

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