Sam Turner

Sam Turner


With several years of experience in the HR field, Sam is a go-to source of information for professionals. Sam helps people with data regarding the latest software and following trends and developments in HR. He is fond of testing HR and productivity software out there. His expertise exposes his knowledge in productivity, educating others and so forth.

Sam’s Credentials

Sam’s expertise primarily lies in HR strategy, HR software review, and extensive HR training. He has worked with various businesses, from small startups to multinational corporations. He also set up his own software archive where he puts every bit of information from the software he tests. Sam helps us a lot by explaining the newly added terms or glossaries. Linkedin

Sam’s Goals

To research and to educate are his visions. Sam is passionate about helping professionals to be experts in HR. He spends hours checking, testing, comparing, and collecting data. Based on all these, he writes and trains. He will continue the same thing to help you decide which HR software would suit your business most, know new (and all) HR glossaries, and everything regarding this arena. Sam matters!