Amelia Polo

Amelia Polo

Whenever we need to ask about a place or event connected to our content, we feel safer asking Amelia Polo, an explorer, and freelance writer, than asking Google! She is the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. Over the past years, she has been to many places and witnessed many events, which include celebrations of numerous occasions and days. Famous explorer Marco Polo influenced her life so much that she changed her name from Amelia Green to Amelia Polo. And it was a just decision, we believe!

Amelia’s Credentials

After graduating in journalism, Amelia started her journalism career and worked for three years. Then she joined a travel agency only to fulfill her dream of exploring, leading her to find her second calling- understanding humans. Amelia has met hundreds of people from different religions, casts, and ethnicities. She has explored the world and experienced so many things. When we were looking for someone like her, she came in with her charm. And not for a once, she disappointed us.

Now Amelia is one of the freelance writers at  When Work Works. She knows how to blend information with stories. Her pen covers holidays, organizational behavior, and sometimes corporate survival skills.

Amelia’s Goals

There has been a chasm between the corporate and human worlds. Both worlds fail to understand the other, thus making the gap bigger. Sometimes we live to work, and sometimes we work to live. Both are true, but not at the same time. Here Amelia’s dream lies. She wants and loves to make a connection between these two worlds. She wants us not to forget that we need to leave our comfort zone for a while so that we can return to our comfort zone-to our family, our loved ones from where we can be reenergized and ready to face a new day of challenge.