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When Work Works is a two-way platform designed to support employers and employees to make well-informed HR decisions. Our aim is to build a people-centric hub to help organizations and individuals manage, strategize and reach new productivity levels. Our team of experts identifies, assesses, and reviews top HR software for businesses of all sizes, along with career development tips for individuals to grow and march towards the path to success. We provide exceptional HR-related content and time management tools to motivate, educate and empower the people in the workforce. Because at When Work Works, we believe in the power of people.

We deliver valuable information on:

  • Building an effective workplace for businesses
  • HR-related tools for best practices
  • Personal and career development tips
  • Global Strategic HR issues
  • Productivity Management for individuals and organizations

Our contents are categorized into four main types :

HR Software reviews

HR Software reviews

Searching for the right HR software can be overwhelming, especially when exploring practices to improve your employees' overall performance and productivity. And here comes the perfect antidote! You no longer have to waste valuable time and energy finding the right software for your business; instead, let us filter out the top options for you to make the best people-management decisions.

Do bear in mind that online is an ever-changing domain, and there is no one-size-fits-all HR software. Whatever you know as the latest may become obsolete in times. Different enterprises of all sizes meet unique challenges in Human Resource Management, which is why we believe in serving businesses with the right software set that matches their specific HR goals.

Career Development Tips

Don’t wait for an opportunity; we say create it! We are here to ensure that you, as an individual, reach your highest potential in your career. From interview tips to crafting an impressive resume, we’ve got you covered at every step.

Whether you are a fresh graduate looking to join the workforce, wishing to switch to a different line of work, or having difficulty coping with your workload, you’re likely to find information on it all. We are here to boost your confidence and help you prepare for the job of your dreams.

You are your best competitor, and developing a career is a never-ending task. You grow into it, not by it, and the more you run, the longer the track becomes. So, putting all the career jargon aside, we put information in a way that will help you segue into the corporate arena.

Career Development Tips
Time Management

Time Management Tools

Time management is essential in every aspect of life. Effective time management tools can enable you to master your everyday tasks and achieve your goals easily. In fact, time used better is money. But how you could utilize your time could be a big question. And we have answered it!

Time is not absolute. As Einstein said, the rate at which time passes depends on your frame of reference. The faster you are, the slower your time is. And we are doing the same thing to make you manage your time quickly and efficiently.

There are many tools and techniques that you can use, but we have curated the handy ones for you to accomplish a lot more. Use these user-friendly time tools to be ahead of your productivity game. Let’s have a look at the available options.

Productivity Tips

Your productivity is the projection of your effort. And your effort should be determined, real and special. We spotlight the shortcoming of a plan and then replan to make a better plan that will indeed work.

This section covers your core productivity. Our tips and strategies are hands down some of the best. Our curative contents are born out of the first-hand experience of our contributors. And we go through continuous changes to stay away from being obsolete.

Once connected, you will explore the unseen and the unknown. As Benjamin Franklin said, “There are three kinds of people: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those who move.” Putting hands on our hearts, we believe you will be able to move yourself and your followers. Your productivity matters to us.

Productivity Tips

When Work Works Team

At whenworkworks.org, we have a diversified team for every different section. Our members of each team are the best at what they do. Because they have vast knowledge of their respective fields and are engaged in continuous research, they always come up with the best possible answers for every query you may have, regardless of the topic.

And the best part about our team members is the bond we share and our continuous effort to bring all the information that anyone can look for in one place. So, let's get to know our super-talented team members who will be assisting you on some of your journeys.

Meet The Team

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History of When Work Works

What is When Work Works?

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When Work Works was a nationwide initiative for recognizing businesses in the U.S, it was conducted by the SHRM, which stands for the Society for Human Resource Management. The aim was to assist all businesses in succeeding by changing the way they run business and providing an effective yet flexible workplace for both employees and employers.

The When Work Works Award is given to companies that have shown a commitment to providing their employees with the flexibility and autonomy to balance work and life. Winners of this award are recognized for their dedication to offering their employees the ability to balance work and life to allow them to be their best selves. The Society presents the award, and the Families and Work Institute (FWI) acted as the community partner for the When Work Works Award by hosting regular local events to recognize the winners. .

When it was started

The When Work Works Award is a national recognition of employers who have created great workplaces.

The award is sponsored by the Families and Work Institute and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It's been given out since 1996, and more than 650 organizations have been recognized for their workplace policies and programs.

The award is given out in three categories: small, medium, and large organizations. Winners are chosen based on their flexibility, supportiveness, and effectiveness.

What is the National Study of Employers?

The National-Study-of-Employers, also known as NSEE, is a study that examines workplace flexibility and how it affects employees and businesses.

The study is conducted by the Families and Work Institute (FWI) in partnership with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The study is conducted every three years and surveys over 1,500 employers from various industries.

The National Study of Employers is important because it provides data on how workplace flexibility benefits employees and businesses. The study has found that workplace flexibility leads to lower employee turnover, higher employee productivity, and reduced costs for businesses.

What did they study?

The National Study of Employers is the largest and most comprehensive survey of U.S. employers ever undertaken. The study, conducted by the Families and Work Institute with support from The Coca-Cola Company, surveyed nearly 2,000 employers to learn how they manage work and family issues and identify best practices.

The When Work Works award is based on the findings of this groundbreaking study. It recognizes organizations that have successfully created workplace policies and practices that promote productive and effective employee work-life balance.

Why is the When Work Works award so successful?

One study shows that over 45% of CEOs are unhappy with what they do. And more than 55% of employees feel the same about their job. The main reasons for this are improper management, lack of flexibility, and other related things in the workplace. This is where the When Work Works came forward and became successful. They succeeded for a number of reasons.

First, the award is based on a rigorous research methodology that uses a proven, data-driven framework. Second, the award is unique. It takes a holistic view of workplace flexibility and awards organizations for their efforts in all areas, not just one or two. Third, the award is highly respected and coveted by employers nationwide.

Finally, the award helps change the conversation about work-life balance. It shows that it's possible to have flexibility and success in the workplace. 

Award Winners

Over the years, many companies of different sizes have been honored with this prestigious award. Some of them include:

  • Bonobos
  • Epic Games
  • Genius
  • Schick
  • Orbit Logic Incorporated
  • The Center for Community Career Education
  • Altair Engineering
  • Bryan Cave’s Chicago
  • Shumsky 
  • Steffes 

Requirements for Application

What Were Needed to Qualify for the When Work Works Award? 

[Did you know that this award was previously named the Sloan Award?]

  1. One must have at least 10 (ten) working employees.
  2. The employee can be full-time or part-time, and they must receive a W-2 form. But it will exclude interns and contract workers.
  3. The company must be working for at least one year to qualify.
  4. A designated liaison is a must for the company/organization.
  5. If a company has more than one location, each site needs a separate application.

The Mission

When Work Works started its journey to bring some positive changes in organizations/companies. They include:

  • Ensuring an effective and flexible workplace
  • Creating a more relaxed and effective workplace by inspiring local employees.
  • Awarding qualified employers to recognize their effort through the When Work Works award.

Why Employers Applied

There are mainly three reasons employers applied for this award.

  1. They received national recognition in all media.
  2. They received a detailed benchmarking report.
  3. Guide to Bold New Ideas featured them as winners.

Applicants received a completely free report on their performance. It allowed them to compare themselves with the award winners.

Why It has Stopped

As the project owner changes, the former host no longer continues giving the award. The former executive producer claims that the current organization still encourages employers to ensure a flexible workplace. Still, at the same time, they support Congress against these rights. It is why the former host stopped working on this nationwide, research-based program. But still, they will work to partner with family-supportive employers to build a better workplace.

As change is the only constant, this platform scrutinizes everything and gathers energy to adapt to the ever-changing corporate arena and revolutionize the productivity world.

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