Be Effective

What Is Effective?

Effective workplaces recognize that employees are an organization’s greatest resource and make a critical difference in the organization’s ability to not merely survive, but to thrive. To be truly effective, a workplace—its design, practices and policies—must benefit both the organization and its employees.

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Since 2002, Families and Work Institute has engaged in a research journey to define the elements that make up effective workplaces. Based on our 2008 National Study of the Changing Workforce data, we have identified six criteria of effective workplaces that include both work and non-work factors, all of which benefit both the employee and the organization. The six criteria and their respective content are:

Job Challenge and Learning

  • My job lets me use my skills and abilities.
  • The work I do is meaningful to me.
  • My job requires that I be creative.
  • I get to do different things on my job.
  • My job requires that I keep learning new things.

SupervisorTask Support

  • My supervisor is supportive when I have a work problem.
  • My supervisor recognizes when I do a good job.
  • My supervisor keeps me informed of things I need to know to do my job well.


  • I have a lot of say about what happens on my job.
  • I have the freedom to decide what I do on my job.
  • I can be myself on my job.

Climate of Respect and Trust

  • I trust what our managers say.
  • My managers deal ethically with employees and clients.
  • My managers seek information and new ideas from employees.

Work-Life Fit

  • My supervisor cares about the effect of work on my personal/family life.
  • My supervisor is responsive when I have personal/family business.
  • I have the co-worker support I need to successfully manage my work and  family life.
  • I have the schedule flexibility I need to successfully manage my work and  family life.
  • My work schedule/shift meets my needs.

Economic Security

  • I am satisfied with my earnings from my job.
  • I am satisfied with my benefits from my job.
  • I am satisfied with my opportunities for career advancement.