Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Moloney, PLLC

SturgillTurnerBarkerMoloneyLaw Firm
Winning Site: Lexington, KY – 49 Employees

At law firm Sturgill, Turner, Barker & Moloney, PLLC employees are able to work from anywhere thanks to technology that has made it possible. The firm’s computer network enables employees to connect from anywhere, and all documents are scanned and made accessible via the network to eliminate the need to More...

Southeast Service Cooperative

SoutheastServiceCoopEducation Cooperative
Winning Site: Rochester, MN – 19 Employees

Southeast Service Cooperative, providers of educational support to the Minnesota community, has fostered a supportive workplace by promoting a culture of flexibility and family-first which has reduced the stress involved with trying to manage work and life. Employees are offered flexible hours, compressed workweeks, flexible schedules and the ability to More...

Solix, Inc.

SolixFunding Program Administrator
Winning Site: Parsippany, NJ – 344 Employees

Management at Solix, Inc., a data management software company, sees flexibility as more than scheduling. It is how work is performed. The most important “business case” for increasing flexibility at Solix has been to improve business results through productivity and employee satisfaction. A new furlough policy enables employees to More...


SabilityWorkforce Management Technology Consulting
Winning Site: Duluth, GA – 20 Employees

Much of the work done at Sability, a workforce management company, can be done remotely, so leaders encourage all staff members to take advantage of flexible work options. Managers also closely monitor overwork, which is a problem for the firm. To manage the issues, leaders always try to More...

Rochester Public Library

RochesterPublicLibraryPublic Library
Winning Site: Rochester, MN – 142 Employees

Rochester Public Library’s leadership fosters a culture of caring, flexibility and creative problem solving. In order to keep the library open during hours patrons are able to visit—like evenings and weekends—all staff, including managers, are expected to help cover these shifts. In return, staff members are able to take time More...

River Network

RiverNetworkConservation Network
Winning Site: Portland, OR – 15 Employees

River Network’s leaders’ commitment to the communities that protect Oregon’s rivers is rivaled only by their commitment to the families of their employees. Leadership at River Network—an online hub of more than 2,000 state, regional and local grassroots organizations devoted to protecting water resources—offers a work environment that allows for More...

Ride Connection Inc.

RideConnectionNonprofit Transportation Services
Winning Site: Portland, OR – 44 Employees

At transportation provider Ride Connection Inc., an employee who had to move to care for an ill family member became the first flexibility test case for the firm. At first, she worked from her cell phone and, after improving technology, she and others are now able to log into More...

Recruit Training Command

RecruitTrainingCommandNavy Boot Camp
Winning Site: Great Lakes, IL – 1,200 Employees

Leaders at Recruit Training Command, a Naval boot camp, believe teamwork is the most important characteristic to developing a supportive and flexible work environment. When the employees work well as a team, the workload is more easily shared. Extensive counseling services in a variety of areas—finance, transition assistance, More...

Pure Visibility, Inc.

PureVisibilityDigital Marketing Agency
Winning Site: Ann Arbor, MI – 13 Employees

Pure Visibility, Inc., an Internet marketing firm, has a policy of letting employees and managers figure out how work will get done by using a liberal time off system. Leaders developed a unique time off program that is offered on a “use as you need” basis where employees More...


ProtectCELLCell Phone Insurance
Winning Site: Novi, MI – 80 Employees

At ProtectCell, a mobile device protection company, employees are encouraged to take control over their own schedules, focus on career advancement and get healthy. Many employees working flexible schedules—working from home or rearranging hours—know that there is a high level of trust on the part of management that they More...