SabilityWorkforce Management Technology Consulting
Winning Site: Duluth, GA – 20 Employees

Much of the work done at Sability, a workforce management company, can be done remotely, so leaders encourage all staff members to take advantage of flexible work options. Managers also closely monitor overwork, which is a problem for the firm. To manage the issues, leaders always try to More...

River Network

RiverNetworkConservation Network
Winning Site: Portland, OR – 15 Employees

River Network’s leaders’ commitment to the communities that protect Oregon’s rivers is rivaled only by their commitment to the families of their employees. Leadership at River Network—an online hub of more than 2,000 state, regional and local grassroots organizations devoted to protecting water resources—offers a work environment that allows for More...

Pure Visibility, Inc.

PureVisibilityDigital Marketing Agency
Winning Site: Ann Arbor, MI – 13 Employees

Pure Visibility, Inc., an Internet marketing firm, has a policy of letting employees and managers figure out how work will get done by using a liberal time off system. Leaders developed a unique time off program that is offered on a “use as you need” basis where employees More...

Point B

PointBManagement Consulting
Winning Site: Phoenix, AZ – 16 Employees

Management consulting firm Point B strives to create a workplace where top consulting talent can make a difference and thrive, without having to sacrifice their lives. Travel is a choice for all employees. Employees own their own schedules based on client needs and choose how much or how little they’d More...

The Persimmon Group

PersimmonGrpManagement Consulting
Winning Site: Tulsa, OK – 17 Employees

Leadership at The Persimmon Group, professional services firm, provides supportive policies that enable employees to work virtually or adopt flexible schedules as necessary to meet business goals and objectives while still making time for personal or family commitments. During crunch times, employees may need to work outside of normal business More...

Orbit Logic

OrbitLogicMission Planning and Scheduling Solutions for Aerospace
Winning Site: Greenbelt, MD – 11 Employees

Leaders at Orbit Logic, a software firm providing mission planning and scheduling services, have found unique ways to help busy employees manage work and family and still remain productive, even in the face of difficult business conditions. Over 80% of the company’s staff members have More...

Mom Corps

MomCorpsStaffing & Recruiting
Winning Site: Marietta, GA – 10 Employees

At staffing company Mom Corps, employees decide how they’re going to get their work done and manage their own work-life issues. The firm’s leadership takes a results-oriented work environment approach, and all employees work from home full time, meeting face-to-face as-needed, but mainly relying on technology such as web More...


MerjentEnvironmental Consulting
Winning Site: Minneapolis, MN – 42 Employees

Merjent, an environmental consulting firm, fosters a supportive and productive workplace through flexibility, a focus on wellness and trust in and appreciation of employees. In order to provide flexible work hours, the company’s management supplies smartphones, virtual private network (VPN) access on all laptops and conference calling. A generous paid More...

JA Counter

JACounterFinancial and Insurance Services
Winning Site: New Richmond, WI – 15 Employees

Leaders at financial services firm JA Counter have instituted ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) for all employees, including the receptionist. Leaders report they have developed a culture that retains top talent and responds to employees’ work and life needs. And employees at this firm report being especially proud More...


InSysCoTechnology Solutions
Winning Site: Fredericksburg, VA – 17 Employees

At InSysCo, a software development and business support firm, the flexible culture extends to all employees regardless of the reason they need flexible schedules. Employees are also given the autonomy to figure out their own work schedules. Leaders strive to hire individuals with excellent skills who will fit into the More...