Dearborn, MI

Broad Industry Category: Professional services including law, education
Primary Activity: Services – Professional, Scientific, Technical
Number of Worksites: 55
Number of Employees: 600
Final Score: 87

EDSI has implemented “schedule shaping,” where supervisors meet with employees to discuss the schedule that best works for them. In addition to compressed workweeks, the company offers robust PTO. This includes More...

AM Pierce & Associates

Services – Professional, Scientific, Technical
Winning Site: California, MD – 36 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
California, MD 66 89 80

Each employee’s schedule is determined on their very first day of work with a supervisor meeting to determine what best suits their personal and work needs. In addition to a PTO plan of combined sick More...

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

Association – Professional/Trade Organizations
Winning Site: Washington, DC – 48 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
Washington, DC 57 86 75

This association strives to make work flexible while being productive. Staff can telework at least three times per week. Employees are encouraged not to work while on vacation or when they are sick. The association also More...


Winning Site: Eagle Mountain, UT – 50 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
Eagle Mountain, UT 59 89 78

Most employees at this high-tech firm work a modified schedule to address family, schooling or other responsibilities. Open communications between management and employee is strongly encouraged. As a result, the company reports high retention, low absenteeism, reduced More...


Services – Professional, Scientific, Technical
Winning Site: Louisville, KY – 87 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
Louisville, KY 67 87 79

Technology plays a key role in maintaining an effective workplace for this accounting firm which not only encourages, but also expects a culture of flexibility. Although deadline season can be not conducive to vacations, the More...

Blum Shapiro & Company, P.C.

Services – Professional, Scientific, Technical
Winning Site: West Hartford, CT – 230 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
West Hartford, CT 63 86 78

This employer offers unlimited sick and personal leave time and encourages its employees to take their yearly vacation time. Staff members are empowered with laptops and IT support so they can easily work More...

METRO Architecture

METROArchitecture Firm
Winning Site: Phoenix, AZ – 12 Employees

METRO Architecture’s leaders have implemented several unique initiatives that keep employees happy and productive, including paying organization dues fees, awarding monthly and yearly bonuses to all employees, covered parking and awarding a bonus trip to one exceptional employee. Management has recruited new hires from the Wounded Warrior Project. To attract More...

Reinvent Work

reinvent-w-hashtag-300wWhen Work Works is a joint project of SHRM and FWI. Its goal is to translate research into action to #ReinventWork and create more effective and flexible workplaces. This partnership combines the research and expertise of a widely respected think tank specializing in workplace effectiveness with the influence and reach of the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. More...

Burned by Employee Burnout? Time for an Intervention!

Excerpted from Families and Work Institute
Posted on May 12, 2014 by Kenneth Matos

Tracking salaried employees work hours is relatively straightforward. Many companies already do so for billing purposes.   However, just tracking an employee’s work hours and seeing that they are overworking is insufficient and can backfire as it creates just another pressure (not only do a great job More...


The following are profiles of Families and Work Institute’s 2013 Effective and Flexible Workplace Awards winners in Connecticut.

These profiles are excerpted from the 2014 Guide to Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work. Copies of this publication are available for purchase online.

Applications are currently open for the 2014 awards, also known as the Sloan Awards for Workplace More...