Workplace Awards


1-800ContactsDirect-To-Consumer Retail Contact Business
Winning Site: Draper, UT – 900 Employees

1-800 CONTACTS has created an effective workplace by providing a number of programs for employees: everything from an onsite restaurant with a professional chef to free personal trainers to a unique attendance system enabling employees to redeem points earned for time off. The attendance system enables call center More...


Draper, UT

Broad Industry Category: Wholesale and retail trade
Primary Activity: Retail/Wholesale Trade
Number of Worksites: 2
Number of Employees: 950
Final Score: 85

For hourly associates of this retailer, successful flexibility is made possible with a scheduling system that currently manages more than 250 schedules that allow 400 associates to customize their work hours. Salaried associates are actively More...

5AM Solutions

5AMSolutionsSoftware Design
Winning Site: Rockville, MD – 47 Employees

All employees of 5AM Solutions, a life sciences technology solutions firm, are provided the tools they need to have greater control over their hours and work from where they want. It’s all part of the company’s efforts to create an effective work environment and show employees that they’re respected. There More...

5AM Solutions

5AMSolutionsServices – Professional, Scientific, Technical
Winning Site: Rockville, MD – 41 Employees


Employees work flexible hours at this business consulting company so they’re able to avoid traffic. They can also work remotely one or two days a week. Managers check in weekly with employees to keep abreast of how they’re doing personally and professionally. More...

5AM Solutions

Winning Site: Rockville, MD – 25 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
Rockville, MD 80 94 88

Employees at this high-tech firm are empowered to manage their own schedules and are treated “like professionals and adults.” In addition to a variety of telework, flex and leave options, 5AM Solutions offers a “clarity break” every year during More...


Rockville, MD

Broad Industry Category: Professional services including law, education
Primary Activity: Services – Professional, Scientific, Technical
Number of Worksites: 1
Number of Employees: 38
Final Score: 88

At 5AM Solutions, the executive leadership sets the example by working remotely and flexing their own schedules. This same flexibility is offered at all levels of the firm. Employees are treated More...

AACSB International

Educational Services
Winning Site: Tampa, FL – 69 Employees

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
Tampa, FL 59 84 75

With a very generous PTO policy, employees of this professional services firm feel appreciated because their work and time is valued, and they work collaboratively and support each other to achieve common goals. Expectant parents receive a financial More...


Salt Lake City, UT

Broad Industry Category: Other services including transportation, utilities, mechanical repairs, hospitality, personal and entertainment services
Primary Activity: Business Support Services
Number of Worksites: 1
Number of Employees: 140
Final Score: 82

Access’ flexible working and telecommuting policy enables employees to set their own hours-per-week schedule during operating hours. Over 50% of employees have used this More...

Access Sciences Corporation

AccessSciencesTechnology Consulting
Winning Site: Houston, TX – 85 Employees

At Access Sciences Corporation, data drive leaders’ commitment to cutting-edge work arrangements at this information management, technology consulting and outsourcing firm, includes offering reduced schedules and smaller workloads to employees depending on their needs. Leaders have seen a decrease in absenteeism and turnover as a result of implementing a number More...

Accruent, LLC

564 Employees in the U.S.

Location Employer Score Employee Score Overall Score
Austin, TX-10801-2 N. MoPac Expressway 74 81 78
Austin, TX-10900-A Stonelake 74 85 80

Revenue, retention and customer satisfaction have all seen an increase at this firm as a result of their cohesive talent strategy programs. This employer is proud of its unlimited PTO policy and More...